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  1. @Ajw...

    Posted by Georgia, 25-02-22
    @Ajw I love a feature wall, I think they can look so classy!

    I like panelling on a dark wall, in some houses a black feature wall can look lovely if done correctly. I agree with @Lauren too in the...
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  2. Home decorating trends for 2022!

    Posted by Georgia, 16-02-22
    Hello everyone! 😊

    Now that Christmas is gone and winter is not far off done, I thought it would be great to share some home decorating trends for 2022 to give some inspiration for that 'spring...
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  3. Gate Ideas: Swing into action with these inspiring designs!

    Posted by Georgia, 26-01-22
    Hello everyone!

    I hope the week is going great so far 😊

    If youíre looking for gate ideas, youíre spoiled for choice. With so many designs and makes on the market, knowing which one to choose...
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  4. Lauren I think Mark has made a good point there...

    Posted by Georgia, 13-01-22
    Lauren I think Mark has made a good point there (alongside all of the others) when it comes to liability or if it is shared, definitely a good idea and then you know what to expect should something...
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  5. Lauren I'm sure me and you watched this for the...

    Posted by Georgia, 01-12-21
    Lauren I'm sure me and you watched this for the first time together in the office - I have seen it since then and definitely cried! 😂

    I do love the McDonalds one this year though, too cute!
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  6. Lauren this is such a great list, I had no idea...

    Posted by Georgia, 01-12-21
    Lauren this is such a great list, I had no idea all of these places had all of this going on!

    Has anyone been to any of these? I must admit I have been in London in December for a good few years...
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  7. Lauren I have a basket of cosy blankets, loads of...

    Posted by Georgia, 04-11-21
    Lauren I have a basket of cosy blankets, loads of scented candles and plenty of bath stuff for bubble baths in the cold evenings!

    What does everyone else do? 😍
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  8. Eco-friendly home improvements - our top tips!

    Posted by Georgia, 04-11-21

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you are all having a good week so far.

    Iíd just like to start with a big thank you for looking into making your home more eco-friendly and doing your bit for the...
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  9. Why canít I get a job booked in quickly?

    Posted by Georgia, 29-10-21

    Hey everyone,

    You may have noticed in recent months that itís hard to get a job booked in at short notice. Or, some tradespeople take ages to get back to you when you reach out to them....
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  10. What is the best driveway and pathways covering and why?

    Posted by Georgia, 25-10-21
    Question: What is the best driveway and pathways covering and why?
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  11. Which trade is best for water ingress in my bathroom and wood damage?

    Posted by Georgia, 25-10-21
    Question: My bathroom is in an 8 sided timber framed tower , the water is coming in under the upvc double glazed window , which has rotted out the wood uprights either side of the window , the wood...
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  12. Which trade do I need for redirecting and extending our down pipe?

    Posted by Georgia, 21-10-21
    Question: The down pipe outside our house drains into our neighbour's drain and from there through a pipe under the garden and pavement to the road. They have asked us to have our down pipe...
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  13. Which trade do I need to replace an electric floor sensor?

    Posted by Georgia, 21-10-21
    Question: Hi, what trade should i look for to help me replace an electric floor sensor embedded in wooden floor? The job would entail taking off a portion of the existing skirting and wooden floor...
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  14. Which trade do I need to insulate 2 internal walls?

    Posted by Georgia, 21-10-21
    Question: The bathroom walls have no cavity or insulation. I have stripped the plaster off and want to know how and what to use to insulate the 2 walls and who could do it The showeroom is situated...
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  15. Hey @Dee...

    Posted by Georgia, 21-10-21
    Hey @Dee

    Thanks for your reply! This is great 😊

    Kind regards,
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  16. Hey Key King Locksmith - thank you for your...

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Hey Key King Locksmith - thank you for your response! This has now been published on our blog which can be found here>>

    Please keep them coming! 😊
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  17. Hey @ToolTalk1...

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Hey @ToolTalk1 - thanks for your response!

    Kind regards,
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  18. What are the regulations for extending a single flat roof?

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: Are there any regulations or need for formal planning to extending an attached single flat roofed garage and convert to a kitchen / diner. The garage is 18ft by 8ft and would be look to...
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  19. I am looking for some advice regarding a brick garden wall with wooden side gate

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: I currently have a side wall brick, with gate, not looking to good. Also attached to this wall and side of house is a treated wooden gate. This gate unfortunately warps and moves as some of...
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  20. What will the increased cost be for lime mortar pointing as opposed to cement

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: Hello - should I expect to pay an uplift for lime mortar pointing as opposed to cement and if so what will the increased cost be (rough percentage) thanks
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  21. How can I ensure a bathroom fitter has done a good job before using the bathtub?

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: How can I ensure a bathroom fitter has done a good job before using the bathtub?

    Hello, we've received the above question from a customer!

    If you have an answer for them, please reply...
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  22. Which trade do I need to to fix my kitchen and bathroom ventilation?

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: Currently have three extractor fans 2 x bathrooms, 1 x kitchen - all working but the ventilation is inadequate, Require new vent to be installed for extractor fans. House is a bungalow. We...
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  23. How can I turn on my ceramic hob?

    Posted by Georgia, 07-10-21
    Question: My ceramic hob switches on but doesnít heat up. It then switches itself off after a few minutes. I have only just moved in to this house and have no instructions - HD4
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  24. What do I use for a bathroom whilst work on my house is being done?

    Posted by Georgia, 23-09-21
    Question: I want to re tile and replace my ceramics, and maybe relocate wc and bath within the room. This is the only way I have in my flat and although not a huge room, I think it may take 7-10...
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  25. How much should I be charged to remove a load bearing wall?

    Posted by Georgia, 23-09-21
    Question: Hi there I've just been quoted £4850 to remove a load bearing wall .. that's just for the removal of the wall and building regs plus sign off and me supplying the steel and ripping out all...
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