Do you need planning permission to move internal walls

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    Question: Moving into a house next month and hoping to knock the wall from living room joined to bathroom down and the bathroom wall joined to kitchen down to make the kitchen and living room open plan and move the bathroom to a different room. can anyone give me rough prices of each job that would need done and also if any planning permission is required,thanks
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    it is pretty hard to give a quote without knowing if the waltheare load bearing and what steel work/support will be needed. ideally would need to have a look at the job to quote. or even some pictures and sizes could help.

    sorry if this is not very helpful.

    Many thanks
    ​​​​​​​AD Building Contractors ltd
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    Good afternoon
    There will have to be a low bearing calculation done for the steels
    before any quotes can be done
    you will also need drawings and building control
    we can sort all this for you
    many thanks

    ​​​​​​​m A
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    Structural engineer needs to assess the weight and what steels are needed but can guarantee it will be load bearing so you will require the calculation done and drawings also prior to a formal quotation being submitted. We can arrange all of this for you and also carry out the works should you require. Please contact us for details.

    kind regards
    SG Building Service
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    It is very difficult to come up even with a ball-park figure for this. We would have to know the sizes of the rooms and see the structure to establish if the walls are load-bearing. The specification of other works would be helpful eg. decoration, flooring. We would be happy to provide the quotation if the floor plan and pictures are provided. If the job is in South West London, we are happy to come for a free pre-calculation survey.

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    Hello Katy,
    Our Team has the following answer:

    1) Are they supporting walls ?
    2) Need to look at fire regs and also look at plumbing to go to another room, then the quality of new bathroom fittings

    Approximately 8k to 18k

    Hope this answers your question

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    Hi there

    With out seeing the job and some plans it would be pretty hard to give you a price as it sounds like it is a big job but we would be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate if you are local. You do not need planning to move walls in side the house its self but i would advice getting an architect in to give you drawings.

    ​​​​​​​#Thanks Aaron
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    Hi there. As many other professional have mentioned. It’s difficult to give you a quote. Without having 1-) structure calculations/steel sizes. It could require just a straight forward steel, that would cost less the a grand to purchase or a box frame that would cost 3-4 grand. 2-) what is the current structure above. Which direction are floor joist running. There is usually a first fix cost and then second fix cost. 3-) is there any plumbing/ wiring that would need to be repositioned. I’m guessing there will be a few. 4-) repairs or replacement to existing, openings , floor finishing etc. Happy to provide you with a free quote once you have a bit more details for the job. We wish you the bests.
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    in a case like this it would be good to see pictures of peoples work, the locality of them to you and maybe some reviews of their work in this field then be able to phone them specifically
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    you would need structural calculations carried out first to access if load bearing or not

    in relation to bathroom relocation it would depend on where drainage is externally.

    if you can get to existing drainage from existing bathroom no problem otherwise it would mean breaking into drainage install ans inspection chamber and new pipe work

    ​​​​​​​many thanks