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    Hey everyone,

    You may have already seen similar articles in 'The Sun', 'Daily Mirror', 'Daily Express' and many more but I thought I'd go ahead and share a post on here too!

    Over the last 12 months, our relationship with our homes has dramatically changed as we've spent more time in them than ever before! So we've undergone some extensive research to create and share an Index with you all that highlights the nation’s love for their homes.

    Below I'll share some interesting takeaways or ...>> see the full index here>>

    When it comes to financially investing in our homes, British homeowners on average spent £2,608 on home improvements last year (£338 more than 2019)

    It's said that homeowners in London, Birmingham, and Newcastle are more house-proud than any other area of the UK. In the past year alone, Londoners have spent more on their homes than any other city - £3,778.03 on average - and called on more tradespeople.

    They also watched TV programmes about decor and property for an average of an hour and 48 minutes per week, longer than anyone else.

    Our study told us, and we're not that surprised.... Kitchens and Gardens had the most money invested into them - certainly without the opportunity to go out for meals during lockdown and making the most of our gardens finally. BBQ's galore 2020 for us!

    Most Popular changes Brits made at home in 2020:
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    Top renovations homeowners are planning to make in the future:
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    Have you started or planned to have renovations on your home... have you made improvements to someone else's? Please share in the comment below - (pictures and videos welcome) 😍

    All my best,
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    New post above posted today :D I hope you all enjoy
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    This is fascinating research thanks for sharing! I particularly like that a RAGE ROOM is no.6 on the home improvements area. Never heard of one of these before, but it doesn't surprise me too much.

    Haven't personally made massive home improvement changes, but I know of many people, customers (residential and commercial) that have made substantive changes including loft conversions, extensions etc.
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    We just about to change our spare room into a nursery as we’re just found out we’re expecting our first 👶🏻 🍼
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    Great article, thanks very interesting read
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    Great @Lauren but looking at the top 10 on a phone is near impossible as the writing is soooooooo small 😆
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    We just about to change our spare room into a nursery as we�re just found out we�re expecting our first 👶🏻 🍼
    CONGRATULATIONS! <3 How exciting Luke and Jane Im so happy for you both.
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    Hey Guys, thank you for your comments @S4G Drone Services @Gutterpro East Kent @Sean
    I mean I love the rage room too haha - or maybe a home gym might be better. Sadly not enough room here though
    @Sean Ah thank you - I have just tried to enlarge the images a little, how does it look now? 😁

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    @Lauren no different, I think it would be worth investigating if you can enlarge a text by using touch screen to open it up as some post for some reason the writing is tiny. I end up screen shot and enlarge in pictures, another topic for the next zoom meeting 😁
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    Ahhhh Thank you @Sean

    I going to go away and do some investigating on this - Nice Spot! I shall be back with more information soon, Thanks again!

    Not sure if anyone's seen my recent post today on #TimeToTalk post here - It will be lovely to see some of you there