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    Featured Content Search radius – what is it and how can I change it?

    03-02-21 , 15:22

    Hey everyone,

    Your search radius directly impacts the areas your company might appear in the customer search results. Put simply, if you’re receiving lots of calls from customers outside of your preferred areas, you might want to lower your search radius and make sure your contacts are from areas you really want to work in.

    >>Click here to check your search radius – and alter it if you need to. You can also list keywords of the main areas you undertake work in. These will appear on your profile page under ‘locations’ – so that browsing customers can easily see if you cover their area.

    Remember that regular reviews are also essential for helping your company to appear in search results. If there is a particular area which you’re hoping to gain more work in, the best way to become more visible in search results for that area is to establish reviews there.

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    Don't forget- The radius is 'as the crow flies'

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