Outside space in 2021 - What can we expect

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    Hey everyone,

    As the lighter nights are slowly creeping in and temperatures are starting to rise, many of us are already thinking of sunshine-filled, spring days where al fresco dining is on the menu and we can fully embrace outdoor living.

    As we look to warmer weather, many are already thinking about how they will transform their garden, balcony or terrace in 2021. With restriction in place and it unknown when this will change, we are looking ahead to home improvements and how we can continue to make staying in feel like the new going out.

    It is up to businesses to ensure that they are ready to respond to the latest outdoor space trends. If you want to ensure that your services stay relevant and in demand, it certainly pays to start planning ahead and make sure that you know all about this year’s hottest garden trends.

    Here’s a closer look at some of the outdoor garden trends that are set to be big business throughout 2021.

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    When it comes to making the most of the long summer months, no garden is complete without garden lighting. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the warm summer evenings, especially when the sun goes down.

    High-quality outdoor lighting solutions are a great way to keep outdoor spaces illuminated and inviting. So, whether you’re a landscaper or an electrician, make sure you’re ready to take care of your clients’ lighting needs, from outdoor LED lighting through to flood lights.

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    From tables and chairs through to loungers and bean bags, garden furniture will enhance any outdoor space, adding function and style in equal measure. And this year, garden furniture is set to be bigger than ever, as we spend an increased amount of time at home.

    Many clients will be looking for custom-built furniture that will fit seamlessly into their outdoor space.

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    This year, gardens are set to become even more of an extension of the home, with homeowners adding unique twists to their space. From pop-up garden bars through to chic planters and shelving displays, clients will be looking to make their gardens truly unique – consider how you can tap into this trend.

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    Who doesn’t love a summer BBQs or al fresco dining during the warmer months? And this year is the perfect opportunity to embrace staying home by creating a cooking area for all the family to enjoy. From built-in brick BBQs through to fully functioning custom-built outdoor kitchen areas, there are plenty of ways to help your clients embrace this outdoor culinary trend.

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    Dividing gardens up into split levels is also set to be one of 2021’s hottest outdoor living trends. The perfect way to create different zones and plant in a way that fills every line of vision, expect plenty of your clients to be requesting split levels this year.

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    The possibilities are endless when it comes to making the most of garden space. Homeowners are blurring the lines between nature and entertaining in the garden, making their outdoor spaces multi-functional.

    From creating stunning summer homes and adding plumbing for pools and hot tubs, your clients will be looking for help to add further features to their outdoor spaces in 2021.

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    The key to optimising your sales is to always be one step ahead, keeping up with the season’s trends, and responding to supply and demand.

    A great way to do this is to use your website and social media platforms to share relevant, on-trend content that reflects what customers want to see. You should also make sure that you understand the latest trends, so you’re equipped to give customers what they’re looking for.

    Do you have any other predictions for outside space 2021?
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    you got nothing better to do with all the problems on here than think up this time could be put to much better use
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    perhaps a toilet in the middle of the lawn
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    Cracking idea, outdoor lighting on those summer nights when its light ? I'm drained lol
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    Cracking idea, outdoor lighting on those summer nights when its light ? I'm drained lol

    is that happy drains drained or to much work from trustatrader 😉
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    hi Lauren I see no disrespect ,just frustrated members, have you tried phoning CAT ,they may be at home but seem to have left their phones at work ,what I do see is fishing for new members every where {some already moaning after a month of false promises}yet the ones in the keep net fed nothing and expected to pay top wack for it .You say its fairer now but long term members are not finding this and as you cannot contact CAT ,where do you suppose we vent
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