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    Featured Content Blog: Spring clean your profile

    25-02-21 , 16:08

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    Hey everyone,

    Spring is almost upon us! It's going to be a sunny weekend here on the south coast too.

    Seasonally, this marks the time for a national spring clean! Whether itís clearing out your old cupboards, rearranging your wardrobe or tackling those basement dust bunnies, itís the perfect opportunity to start afresh. This extends to digital renewals too.
    Why not revamp your Checkatrade profile to give it a spring in its step in time for Easter?

    Standing out from the crowd is essential, which is why weíve put together this useful guide to help you get started.

    Clean up your image
    Every business needs a consistent brand. You donít have to go overboard. Sometimes, all your need is a clean, bold logo, pictures of you and your team, and maybe a summary of your USP (unique selling point). What makes you different from your competitors? What do you have to offer that they donít? Be sure to highlight it!

    Declutter your text
    People donít like big chunks of text. They want to know as much about you in as few words as possible.
    Think about updating your Checkatrade profile text so itís short, snappy, and professional. It needs to reflect what you do and why youíre good at it without over-explaining. A quick trick to writing summaries is to use the SHORT method.

    • Start with a brief introduction
    • Highlight your top skills (include qualifications, accreditations, certifications etc).
    • Outline your USP (why youíre different)
    • Review your summary (check for errors)
    • Tidy it up so itís no more than 150 words

    Top tip: Be mindful of customers who need extra precautions taken around Covid but still want work completed. Consider writing a section about this in your profile text.

    Present your best self
    Itís easy to let things slide in lockdown. When we trade workboots for slippers, overalls for pyjamas and inside jobs for outside jobs, those finishing touches are pushed down the priority list. However, now is the perfect time to dust yourself off and do yourself (and your business) up!

    Here are some top tips.
    • Link your Checkatrade profile, website, and professional social media sites to each other. There should be easy follow-links across all of your marketing efforts to ensure your pages are easy to find.
    • If you have an office space at home, is this kept tidy? It might be the perfect time to file that paperwork, dust that desk, and enter the spring months on a squeaky clean footing.
    • If you own a van, take the opportunity to give it a scrub and polish so it shines as bright as your talent.
    • Do you have workwear thatís printed/embroidered with your logo? If not, why? Itís a great way to stand out and give yourself a professional edge!

    Get your house in order
    How do you create a paper trail? Is it time to switch to a new platform or are you happy with your current process? The world is a digital place nowadays. If you havenít already, why not move over to an online platform that uses apps, templates, and digital paper trails of things like invoices and taxes to make your life easier. Not only does it save you time and real estate, it allows you to access everything you need at the click of a button. It might even mean you can turn your office into a gameís room instead! @jason1972 created a great post >>here>> sharing apps that he uses to help make life easier!

    Let us know in the comments below what advice you have or changes you might be making 😍
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