Should I receive a written quote for a job?

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    Questions: I've been trying to get written quotes from various paving and driveway companies, most of them have only given a verbal quote but when I ask for it to be written I either get a vague breakdown via text and not on company letter/form or I don't get a response. Is this unusual?
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    Yes this is extremely unusual. Any reputable company wil be more than happy to issue you with I written quote on headed paper. Also ask to see their terms and conditions which most companies have on a website .
    if in doubt use your gut feeling and don’t use them.
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    In this day and age, it takes minutes to create an estimate for a customer. Giving a potential customer an estimate works for both parties and is the only way to work

    If they can't be bothered to give you this, walk away and find someone else
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    Hi there no this is not unusual. I do the same. Usually if a customer asks for this from the off they usually cherry pick what they do and don’t want from the quotation.
    I make little bits on everything on the quotation so generally I put a price in that I’ll make on the job.
    soon as a customer starts crossing off on a quotation it dips my wages. This means tgat 1 or 2 things changed on the quotation and it’s not worth me doing the work anymore.
    once the price is accepted I then do a full formal quotation.
    to me there isn’t any need to get a full break down.
    the price is the price. Take it or leave it.
    just my view
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    Never let anyone start any work until you have your free written itemised plan of works, and as a general rule, always get 3 WRITTEN QUOTES WHICH ARE FREE, if someone tries to charge for quotes, then forget them, hope this helps.

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    Ok 👌, First thing all depending what type of job has to be done , the trades person who’s going to plan to do the job for you, Has to look for materials depending on a job again , for example, My trade is everything to do with plumbing, and I have done mistake in a past which involved more than the quote, I offer to him in a first place , I felt like being ripped off by a client, and didn’t want to look bad in front of him, because that’s what we agreed on, everyone can smile and make you cup of coffee, but end of a day it’s my time , this is what, I mean and trying to explain to you if it’s Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentery , lots of buildings regulations and water regulations has to be followed. You could have , old house 🏡 who knows maybe there’s possibilities of asbestos somewhere, it’s a lot involved, like I said depending on a job and what beyond those walls , this is why someone who’s experience, wouldn’t give you a quote until he sees for himself properly what’s going and specially on a refurbishment jobs ... he might give you an estimate , but don’t want to scare you or you might getting more than one quote and trying to bring competition to get a bargain, that’s why sometimes, I dislike customers who only complain , but don’t understand the main factors or looking for so much bargains ... I hope that explains you a lot .. It’s absolutely normal to give you verbal quote, it means is very busy person and in a rush.. the ones who bring paper and pen will be like a contractors, they wouldn’t know all the building regs according to their trade ... think 🤔 about it..
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    I quote and say what parts will cost now but if you place order 3 weeks later and prices gone up when I order I tell them and give option if they still want work done. What does get me is the emergency jobs I need it done yesterday price up quote then 3 weeks later they say yes ok. Ok I’ll reprice 1 item I use a lot has gone up £20 a unit 1 week 2 weeks later it’s back down again next week back up again. At 1 point I took to buying £3500 stock at right price normally only need £500 stock this was just to keep price good for custome when most jobs take 3 units £60 extra is a lot
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    Hi All, thank you for taking the time to answer this customers questions