Accelerate Blog Series #2: Getting your name out - on the street

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    Getting your name out: on the street

    Right, it’s growth time. Following on from last month’s post about- the first from our ACCELERATE* series - we hope your customers are happy and are spreading the word around about you, leading you looking for more business growth opportunity. If that’s the case, it’s time to enter the world of marketing.

    Branding: how is your company seen?
    Your trades company’s brand – your name and the way you present it – is the first impression you’ll make on the world so, no pressure right? The essentials of branding can be boiled down to eight core features that can be divided between ‘image’ and ‘actions’. First, the image based elements of branding are:
    • Company name
    • Logo
    • Colour scheme
    • Tagline
    • Designs

    Top of the list, and somewhat obviously, is your name. Keep it simple, memorable and relevant to your trade or yourself. Next up is all the fancy stuff. Logos and taglines are emphasised more than ever in today’s age as a marketing tool. Taking care with creating these things will help put a best foot forward and have you hit the ground running in the business world.
    PS: For help on design aspects, logo software or graphic designers can be contacted online for affordable prices!
    After the image-based aspects of your branding you will next have to pursue the elements key to building on what you’ve started with:
    • Consistent messaging
    • Behaviour
    • Communications

    This is the area where you tell people what your business is, how well you operate and who you want to serve.. Being bold with your image through communications can allow for customers to have a clear understanding of what to expect when looking for a trades business to meet their needs whether that’s about different price ranges, levels of customer service and quality of your own work. (And be mindful: as we covered off in our first post, how well you treat customers is as important as what you say about yourself!

    So these may sound like some fairly important decisions in regards to your company’s future, meaning that you’ll have to keep some clear thoughts in mind: Who is your ideal customer? What are you proud of about your company? What type of company do you want to run?

    Marketing: getting people to hear about you

    Lesson 1 - print

    Introducing your community and potential customers to your business can be achieved effectively through printed marketing. You can do this through leaflets, adverts in local press and outdoor displays adverts. It’s a great way that you can control to tell your story.
    Creating a leaflet or an advert doesn’t require great design or production skills and there is lots of support around to help you. And, despite the development of the digital age – websites, social media, email marketing – ‘old-school’ tangible marketing that can be handed to customers or seen in the street does offer a more personal feel.
    For example, as referenced in ACCELERATE, with VistaPrint, you can print 5,000 leaflets for £45-£75 depending on the quality you’re aiming for. Although while very cost effective, posting leaflets through customer doors can annoy homeowners and can be time-consuming for you, so weighing up the benefits and risk is paramount.
    Less invasive and more referrable forms of marketing can be done outdoors and in local newspapers. This gives the appearance of you being a respectable company in the public space. This marketing style also gives the opportunity for you to inform customers with statements such as “did you see our offer on ****”.
    Ultimately, print marketing – delivered in-person or through an advert can be cost effective and help you establish a presence in your community whilst letting you have some control over the potential customers reached. The trick lies in the intricacies of each leaflet or advert you make and you can find out much more about that – including all the tools you’ll need – through the

    Next month, ‘getting your name out: online’ – the second of a two-parter on raising your profile. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

    All the best,
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