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    Featured Content Our new Checkatrade TV ad Campaign - Julius Caesar

    03-03-21 , 11:14

    Hey everyone,

    We've launched brand spanking new TV ad campaign! - have you seen the adverts on your TV yet? 😍

    These new adverts remind the UK that when is comes to finding the right tradesperson, you cannot always trusts friends, family and neighbours.

    Throughout 2021 you'll be seeing a lot more of Caesar ensuring that anyone in search of a great tradesperson, knows that Checkatrade is the place to get truly reliable recommendations.

    Following the investment in promoting our members with our biggest TV ad campaign yet, were excited to share some updates:
    • Since the launch, early February, we have had our best ever week for sessions and contacts to date. (Sessions = customers interacting with the Checkatade website. Contacts = customers contacting via call, messages, emails to members) Stats showed over 200k contacts!
    • We've had a massive 20% increase in traffic to our website since we've launched the campaign
    • 44% of consumers recognise the ad, and the vast majority of these reacted positively to it
    • We've seen a 5% increase hitting a huge 64% of consumers saying they would consider using Checkatrade

    It's been such a great response so far, and if you haven't checked it out already ...

    📺 Some channels you can catch the ad on are: ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and all digital TV channels. As well as on ITV player, All4 and Sky Go
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