Do I need to hire separate trades to insulate re plaster and panel my wall?

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    Question: Some of the plaster in the sitting room has blown and must be repaired. But I also want to add extra insulation and finish the room with wood panelling. Which type of tradesperson would be best qualified to handle the job (holistically)? Or must I engage - separately - a plasterer, an insulation installer and a joiner?
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    So as the plaster is a concern I'm assuming your not panelling the entire wall floor to ceiling, if so you'd like cavity filled insulation that's usually carried out by specific installers,

    If that's not the case we can install insulation to the inside walls and board over with wood panelling,

    if there's any big quantity of plastering we have a plasterer on hand to carry out our plastering,

    ​​​​​​​Most carpenters will arrange all of this with the exception to the cavity filled insulation all depends on these factors
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    you should consider a carpenter/Joiner
    a Multiskill trade, a builder.
    look through these trades profile to establish if your local trades carry out the work you want to be done.

    Ok having carried out a similar project before, this is my thoughts.
    depending on the plaster repairs.... and cause of them?
    I would recommend the following:

    To achieve the insulation I would use thermal Plasterbourd - this will also provide a perfectly flat wall for your panelling.
    now when you say panelling......?
    You can use various types of timber mouldings & set out to suit the style you have in mind.
    Using Instagram & Pinterest for inspiration 👀 simply search using a few key words with the obligatory hashtag #
    #paneling #wallpanel #homedecor #paneling ideas etc
    or my preference is to use 6mm MDF cut into sections this gives an incredible
    “Shaker Style” look that once painted will create an elegant focal point to any room of the house & become the talking point when family, Friends & neighbours call by!
    after lockdown of course ​​​​​​​
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    Good afternoon both
    @Scribes Carpentry & @ToolTalk1
    Thank you for your awesome replies and answers
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