Can downlights be fitted from below the ceiling?

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    Question: Can you fit downlights to the ceiling from below? Due to the construction of the floor above it is not possible to fit down lights from the area above the ceiling. Therefore I am interested to learn how down lights can be fitted from below and what the implications might be?
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    Hi Lauren, you can indeed fit down lights from below, this however requires you to make small channels in the ceiling (cut out small strips) where your joists run. You can then figure out routes for the cables and how to run them. It does mean more filling and making good after though. Worst case scenario you could get the whole ceiling re-skimmed for the best finish. Depends how good your decorator is.

    hope this helped

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    Thank you @Studholme Electrical for answering this question.
    ​​​​​​​Do you tend to always use/recommend a certain decorator yourself that you know is local and reliable to you, or, do you always leave it up to the customer to find their preferred person on Checkatrade once you've completed the work?
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    Yes down lights can be installed from below as long as cables are installed within safe zones, complies with Part A "structure" and B provention of "fire" of the building regulations.
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