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    Hi all my name is Matt i'm the owner of BKB Designs in nottingham. We do refit's of bathrooms and kitchen's in the area, undertaking all aspect's of the job. Looking to network with other traders to possibly find people looking for work or advice or just a general chat on how your finding things with the way thing's are at the min.
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    Hi Matt
    its Rob from Karvics cleaning services in Sutton In Ashfield.I think itís always good for traders to discuss matters such as current trends and business levels etc.we have found it quite tough over the past 12 months,particularly on our domestic cleaning services as the majority of our clients are elderly and have been frightened to let anyone in their properties.our other side that services properties for local authorities or other social services has been very busy.
    how have you been finding things,do you deal with the domestic or trade?
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    Morning @Bkbdesigns Thank you so much for creating this new Networking thread for all members operating their business in Notts!

    How were things with you over the past year? Did you have to change or adapt your business at all? Do you tell customers about the extra precautions you take before you start a job and how do the customers find it?

    Hey [email][email protected]Karvics

    You're right its great to have a place you can all connect with eachother especially locally as like you said, you can discuss trends, help advertise for jobs or extra hands on a job etc.

    How is the domestic side of things looking for you as restrictions are on the horizon to be eased slightly?

    Kind regards,
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    Hey everyone in Nottinghamshire 😊

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    yes we've had the same sort of issue's, people cancelling jobs due to fear of catching covid. it has been a bit of a struggle but hopefully things will get better now
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    Hey everyone!

    Hope you are all well this week?

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    Kind regards,
    Georgia 😊
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