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    Blog: How van storage systems and organisation can keep your tools safe

    08-04-21 , 13:44

    Hey everyone,

    How van storage systems and organisation can keep your tools safe.

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    For van owners, the necessary steps to keep your vehicle organised and safe are always increasing. Especially in areas where theft from vans is high, itís more important than ever to have an effective storage system in place and to maintain a high standard of organisation. But how can both of these factors ensure the safety of your tools and equipment? Read on to find out why they are vital steps to ensuring your expensive tools are kept safe and sound:

    Know where everything is at all times
    It may sound like an essential thing when it comes to managing your tools, but effective organisation is vital, so you know where each item is at all times. Without that insight and knowledge, it may be impossible to tell if an item is lost, stolen or misplaced. With more than 3 million vans across the UK used for business, itís more vital than ever to know what you have Ė and not just for your peace of mind.

    Having a precise inventory of the tool contents of your van, including photographs if and when possible, can be valuable evidence should a theft occur. But as well as that, knowing what you have can ensure youíve got the correct insurance in place for everything you stock within your vehicle or purchase for use in your business. Knowing where your tools are is something that canít be stated enough, and it can ensure that all your items are where they should be.

    Having a practical storage process works
    For the majority of tradespeople, or those that use vans, itís already known that leaving items in your van overnight Ė or on jobs in some areas Ė is not recommended. But the best way to ensure you follow that advice is by having a useful and practical storage system that you can easily follow so that everything is in its place and kept safe at all times. Not only is this great when it comes to finding the tools you need quickly, but itís a fast and convenient way to improve the safety of your essential equipment.

    London, Sheffield and Birmingham, in particular, are hotspots for theft, so ensuring you keep up on your organisation in these areas is twice as worthwhile. A storage process can provide a way to lock your tools up safely, whether itís the end of a working day, during your lunch break or when you leave your van on site. While one tool going missing often doesnít have a high cost, the loss of all of your tools is far higher; and failing to store them safely can lead to further problems down the line with insurance should the worst happen.

    Provide an extra degree of safety
    Itís easy to think that if your van is locked, your tools are safe inside. But given the option to add an extra layer of security to your front door, youíd likely take it. So why not do the same for your van? Including a secure storage solution can provide a viable option for times when keeping your tools in the van is not optional. This provides another layer of security for your most valuable items, as even if someone were to access your vehicle, they would still be unable to access your tools.

    With the rise of more sophisticated thefts, such as key fob hacking, itís more vital than ever to provide that second line of defense between your tools and potential thieves. Simply locking the doors of your van isnít enough for the modern tradesman. Going the extra mile to provide specially designed storage systems for your vehicle can make all the difference in keeping your possessions safe. For many, their tools are their livelihood; so investing in keeping them secure at all times is more than worth that initial cost.

    When it comes to the safety of your tools, doing all you can is a must to prevent theft. That means ensuring youíre well-organised, your tools are documented, and your storage system is as watertight as possible. With all that in place, thereís far less concern about your tools being stolen Ė whether or not someone manages to access your vehicle at the time.

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