Featured Content Our Checkatrade new TV advertising has gone down a treat

07-05-21 , 08:09

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Hey everyone,

We’ve been working hard to continue to raise awareness over why Checkatrade.com is the place to go to connect with quality trades like you.
You may have seen our TV ads running during April and the beginning of May, where Julius Caesar highlighted the importance of credibility – one of the main reasons why homeowners come to Checkatrade when looking to make home improvements. The ads ran across TV, Video on Demand (e.g. ITV Hub and All 4), Radio and Social Media.

We then premiered new 30 second adverts which appeared across all major networks including ITV, Channel 4, Dave, Sky Sports and many more – reaching around 64% of homeowners at least 5 times. The ads were also shown on ITV Hub, All 4, and Sky on Demand, being viewed approximately 2.4 million times.
Our radio ad, with our new character Caesar talking all about why he trusts Checkatrade, has further helped us to raise brand awareness – it was featured on stations including Heart, Absolute, Jack and Magic Radio, reaching around 62% of homeowners approximately 7 times. It’s been hard to miss us!

We’ve received some really positive feedback to the marketing campaigns. 42% of consumers are aware of our campaign activity, with 40% specifically recognising the new ad. And most importantly, 83% of consumers have stated that they’re aware of Checkatrade, with a huge 65% of those consumers considering using the site to find a Tradesperson – that’s up from 59% in December!
We’ve got a short period off air whilst we perfect our future plans – but don’t worry, we’ll be back on TV and radio in June. The ads will be appearing on the same channels and stations as in April, but we’re extremely excited to have some additional spots in the EUFA Euro 2020 (2021!) tournament. You’ll see our ads across the tournament, including in an England game - so keep an eye out!

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