Who can remove my scaffolding?

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    Question: Hi - our builder walked off the job and left the scaffolding up for over a year. We have been self-managing our build in order to get it finished and have now dismantled the scaffolding ourselves. There is no company name or contact number on the scaffolding for us
    to ask them to collect. Where do we stand with getting this taken away? What is the legal process? We had fence panels that we asked repeatedly for our builder to remove after he had left the job and he never did (a lot of false promises) so we don't feel confident that he will remove the scaffolding from the site either - what do we do?
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    Not being a qualified legal advisor, I would suggest you contact the builder to remove the scaffolding. I know your not expecting a response, however the scaffolding is his property and therefore is only hired to you as part of the build. If you have no answer say after 2 weeks or a month send another message and state that you need the scaffolding removed within the month if it is not removed you will have the scaffolding removed by other means. Then send another message 7 days before the month expires and say state that as you have not had a response and therefore consider that (insert name of company here) has n further interest with the scaffolding and it will be removed by other means.
    By doing this you have given the builder notice and opportunity to remove his or their property. You might want to check if there is a legal timeframe for the removal notice. Hope this helps
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    It should have a colour code on it with spray paint this will unable you to identify the owner

    if not sell it and tell them it disappeared 😁
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