Checkatrade paid for my apprentice's training!

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    Hey all,

    If you’ve got an apprentice or considering taking one on you’ll want to read this:

    I run a plumbing and heating firm, and having benefitted from an apprenticeship myself back in the day I was keen to take someone on and get them into the industry.

    I did this, despite there being no government help at the time. I recently started his level 3 gas course and the college asked me for an employers contribution towards his course (around £800)

    Around the same time I joined Checkatrade to increase business, and while looking around their website noticed an apprentice funding scheme.

    Basically, the government makes any big firm pay into a training fund for their employees, and at the end of the year if there’s any money left in the pot they can either pass it to other firms or the government takes it ( wallpapers expensive these days!)

    so it’s ‘use it or lose it’

    Wasn't sure if I’d qualify (nothing in this life is free…) but not only did they pay my employers contribution in full, Checkatrade worked with the Homeserve Foundation who were really helpful, guiding me through a process to set up a training account linked to the apprentice's college.

    Apologies if this been covered before, wanted to make more people aware…FairPlay to Checkatrade (and the HomeServe Foundation) for helping me access this funding, would have been easier just to give it to the government, for wallpaper.

    This is James my apprentice
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    I met James initiall when he took a Saturday job at Active Plumbing Supplies (the local merchants)
    He took the job on as a way of finding an apprenticeship and I actually missed first chance to take him on (I was worried then about the lack of government support – non-existent at the time – the additional insurance costs and accounts bills). “James then enrolled on the Level 2 NVQ, and, for various reasons, his initial employer let him down so I seized my chance and took him on and helped him through his successful completion of that course.

    This scheme is really worth having a look at and the team really helpful!

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