Money upfront for materials

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    The thing about this approach is if there is no trust on face value do not accept the quotation and if the builder donít take the job on. if the customer wants to pay for the materials then they wonít get the duscount the trade does so the quotation could be more. I know in my experience that I put the materials on my account and the customer pays me the same as the public pays so if I can make a small handling charge there it can help towards keeping the quotation as low as possible. I have never had a problem with asking for payments upfront but most of my work is recommendations from previous happy customers.

    can I also please say that the money is irrelevant in most situations and all customers should firstly make sure the trades used have a good portfolio of top notch first class work previously carried out. As no one wants to have an expensive low grade job that needs someone like me to come along and give you a further price to put it all right for you and I have a few jobs that I have had to look at and the customer was low on funds but we came to a compromise and fixed the drainage issue.