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    I sometimes ask for 50% deposit from new customers as some of them take a while before they decide to pay which I find unacceptable- you wouldn’t go into Sainsbury’s and say I will come back in a couple of weeks and pay you for my food once I’ve eaten it!!!!
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    I find myself in the same situations sometimes, but what I am doing now so that both parties to be happy, I require the money once my driver has arrived at the destination and is about to unload.
    Works in my case as they are not paying any deposits and stay with the though, what if... and also I won't give the goods if payment has not been made. I do let them Know ahead about how this will work.
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    I got deferent way on that so to kip costumer happy and me secure I split all jobs on sectons and required full pay on compliting each part. Usuly living smallest but most complex for last. So for egz. I do whole house Painting, flooring, repair work exeria high work like faces tjey usuly take only 3 to 4 hours to sanded and painted twice. Its fast and preaty fast but most of all one of most difficult for costumer. That mean after finishing painting I get full pay for that and so on. In the worse you only missing smallest amount. Work every time