Should a patio be level for a summer house to sit on?

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    Question: I currently have a company, recommended through Checkatrade who are laying patio slabs to sit my 8x8 summer house on. I have raised concerns to them that the slabs aren’t level but their answer is that the patio needs to be raised to allow water run off. Surely the summer house must sit on a totally level surface?
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  • Mp patios and landsc's Avatar
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    You are completely correct a patio only needs run of water is going land on it. If it is for a summer house then it needs to perfectly level I. Order for you summer house to be level
  • PetersHandyManServic's Avatar
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    Both of them are right if i understand it right.
    1 yes any building need level ground to sit on it
    ​​​​​​​2 yes as long base is level house can sit for egz 100mm up of ground but only if right amount of support is given. My advice is to make 100mm frame from 4/2 set to level and in size bit bigger approximately 300mm bigger than your summer house. Fill with concrete and there you have. 100% level base plus its off the ground kipping rain water off the base. And 300mm will give you 150mm on each site so you may bolted house down without cracking concrete base.
  • ToolTalk1's Avatar
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    the key me hear is discussing the work with the client
    before hand.
    both options are ok.
    communication is the what’s missing.
    i always discuss with my. Client what i am doing & why.
    ultimately they must have an input.