Can I fit solar panels for my combi boiler?

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    Question: I understand you can only fit solar panels if your combi boiler accepts warm water as well as cold water. I have a Valient ecoTec plus 831 which is c8 years old. How can I find out if this boiler accepts warm water?

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    @Georgia You cant fit solar panels to a combination boiler. The domestic hot water produced is instantaneously produced on demand and not storage water. Solar panels are used when you have and indirect hot water storage cylinder, usually an un-vented type such as a Megaflo or Gledhill or similar brand. In this instance the hot water cylinder has a coil inside which the central heating water runs through and the heat from this coil heats up the water in the cylinder which is the hot tap water. Inside cylinders which are solar compatible ther is another indirect coil which the solar fluid runs through, such fluid heated by the sun / solar panels. When the suns goes in and the hot water cylinder is calling to be re-heated, the system will automatically revert to the central heating indirect coil to recharge the cylinder.

    If for example a scenario developed where there was inadequate sunlight, the boiler was not working, so no indirect heat feed, then you would also have two electrically powered immersion heater elements which would then be switched on manually so as you were never without hot water.

    However, to answer your question, you cant fit solar panels to a combination boiler.

    ​​​​​​​Hope this helps you.