How can I remove my stuck washing machine to access pipes?

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    Question: My washing machine is situated in a cupboard on a fixed platform above plumbing elements which need annual inspection under a maintenance contract. The contract is costing me more because two technicians are needed to move the washing machine. I would like someone to construct a stable wheeled platform for the washing machine to sit on, which could be rolled out of the cupboard by a single technician for easier access. This could be done either by constructing the platform from scratch or by adapting a suitable robust existing trolley. Who could I approach with a project like this?
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    This would be a great job for a carpenter, joiner or even a multi skilled trade.
    idealy show pictures of the set up, both with the machine in & out of situ.
    ​​​​​​​Answering any questions before a site visit 🤘