Can I prime and paint or do I need to put a layer of mud first?

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    Question: I recently bought a house and ripped out a built in wardrobe to redecorate. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to DIY! The wardrobe has pulled off some of the paper that was on the wall (which others had painted over). I've pulled the paper away and its gone down to a grey, almost shiny wall that i THINK is drywall (its hollow when i knock on it). Its cracked in the corners so I think it may have had a layer of mud on it already. I wanted to know if I can prime and paint on this or would I need to put a layer of mud on it first?
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    If surfaces are smooth my advice its symple. Buy 1 tube of painter mate its flex filler sompthink like silicone. Deference 30 min later you can paint over. Fill corner cracks and run weet paint brush over just to blend in. And just like that ready to paint no need for primer. But make sure all wall cracks are fix first
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    Questions like this, pictures would be really helpful to enable the correct advice.

    if the Dry lining jointing compound has come away then a repair is required.
    also if the internal corner tape has be removed then this needs a flexible repair.

    this could be done in a few different ways.

    1. use a Toupret joint & skim products - sand down any loose area, apply and sand down when dry.

    2. Use Toupret flex fill or skim flex
    both are incredible trade quality products.
    follow instructions on packaging
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    Afternoon @PetersHandyManServic Thank you very much for sharing your answer on this post.
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    Rub down a weak coat of paint 70 water paint 30 your then see how bad cracks are , rake out cracks and fill / rundown.. and chaulk the corners as you can paint over chaulk you can't with silicon.... glad I could help next time please put your hand up and ill get to you in turn