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    A kitchen is a significant investment and one that many people will only make once or twice in their lifetime. Therefore, it is understandable that they want to get it right and to see their investment come to life in the desired way.

    Whether itís a full kitchen refurb or helping update or remodel a specific aspect of a room, your design ideas and options for customers are what really make a difference to the final room design and ensuring each home has its own wow factor.

    Read on for some valuable insights into the kitchen trends your customers might be looking to incorporate into their homes this year.

    Kitchen Styles this 2021
    Simple, streamlined kitchens are more popular than ever. Adopting a minimalist style creates a calming space within the home. The key to achieving this look is to focus on high quality materials, strong lines and functionality.

    Industrial looks is another key trend for kitchen styles, with raw materials, rich tones, and textures becoming a focus of kitchen designs. Expect to see metal finishing and concrete become prominent in customerís mood boards and discussions throughout 2021.

    Fixtures and finishes
    When it comes to finishes, expect to see lots of brass tones. Dark surfaces are also becoming increasingly popular, offset by lighter furniture and bold, bright pops of colour.

    Statement taps are also big this year. Think industrial style taps with a brass finish and taps with unusual, eye-catching handles. Hot water taps are also set to be one of the must-have kitchen fixtures of 2021, providing steaming hot water as soon as theyíre turned on.

    Downdraft extraction systems are also set to be popular, fitting seamlessly into open-plan and streamlined kitchens, without the need for an extractor hood.

    Traditional cabinets, such as the classic shaker style, are making a comeback in 2021, but with modern on-trend colours adding a contemporary twist.

    With an increasing number of gadgets and appliances finding their way into our kitchens, discreet, hidden storage is becoming increasingly popular. This allows homeowners to achieve a streamlined look, without sacrificing any of their favourite tools and kitchen appliances.

    When it comes to colour, the deep, rich tones weíve seen over the past few years remain popular. But, this year, red makes a surprise appearance to the colour palette, particularly deep reds and rich shades.

    When it comes to layout, 2021 it's all about open-plan kitchens. Open-plan kitchens have become incredibly popular over the last few years, and that trend shows no sign of going away any time soon. It is important to be aware of how best to utilise space in order to enable your customerís open-plan dreams to become a reality.

    For those customers with plenty of space, kitchen islands will continue to be popular, with an added twist for 2021 Ė the addition of dining tables extending from the islands.

    Kitchens were once almost exclusively home to spotlights, but thatís all changed. In 2021, statement kitchen lighting is set to be more popular than ever, with pendant lighting, bold fittings, and lighting you might expect to typically find elsewhere in the home. Be prepared to mix and match styles and advise on how to make a statement with feature lighting.

    Finishing touches
    Statement floors are one of this yearís big kitchen trends, allowing homeowners to create a bold focal point in otherwise minimal spaces.

    When it comes to tiles, classic shapes such as oblong and Metro tiles are still popular. However, the focus this year is all about how they are placed. Your customers will be looking for formations such as herringbone patterns, staggered brick bonds, and step ladder effects.

    Other finishing touches that youíll see a lot of this year include living-room style furnishings. These fit perfectly into on-trend, open-plan kitchens to create a comfortable, multi-functional living space.

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