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    Hey everyone,

    Our trade research group was set up so we always have a direct line to willing members of Checkatrade and of our community to help us trial and test new products and services, and conduct plenty of research. Thanks to those members, we’re able to understand what’s got legs and what’s not! If you’d like to take part in future please join the Community and comment on this post here >>

    Below is just a couple of surveys we've run with your help and what we’re doing as a result of this feedback:

    Trade Messaging Survey & Virtual Chat Zoom call: - to understand how we could improve the messages that you receive from consumers and make it easier for you to respond to them.

    Trade App - Prototype Testing:- testing and trialling a new Checkatrade member app. This involved members completing a few tasks with a focus around logging in, navigation between pages and the dashboard. We particularly wanted to hear about the app experience and how easy it was to navigate around.

    Photo Journey for Trades: 6 members took part to help us understand what improvements we can develop the photo journey when uploading work images through the app.

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    New Trade App
    : Download here: Apple or Android

    Request a Quote after Message: Before the consumer would not receive a message on who or how many members would be receiving their enquiry quote. Now we give them the option to just send to one or if they’d like it to go to a further two with a clear ‘Message Sent’

    Refining to a subcategory: At Checkatrade we continuously looking to improve our service and so we continuously test potential improvements. One of these tests, and one that we are running at the moment is presenting at the top of the page a number of alternative work categories to the consumer. We hope that this will mean more work is directed to the sub-categories and therefore more relevant work alerts for our members

    CheckAnyTrade claimed in Search test: See the full post here>>

    We really appreciate all time, effort, opinions and suggestions shared with us, - If you are not already a member of our Community research group please click here>>.

    We’d love to have you take part with us.

    Kind regards,
    Georgia 😊
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