The professional guide to autumn home décor - What do you think?

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    Hey everyone!

    I hope you are all well? Please take some time to have a read of the below! 😊

    The professional guide to autumn home décor! 🍁

    It might seem like summer has only just begun, but autumn is just around the corner. Before we know it, the nights will be drawing in, the temperatures will be dropping, and we’ll be digging our warm jumpers back out of the wardrobe.

    And, with autumn well and truly on its way, your customers will soon be looking to swap out their summer home décor, so it’s important you’re armed with plenty of inspiration.

    Here’s our guide of the key considerations and advice you should pass on to your customers when transforming their home ready for the autumn.

    The latest autumnal interior design trends:

    When your customer is planning their interiors updates, they’ll been keen to incorporate the latest design trends. Make sure you’re fully up to date with the latest looks and styles so you can share your expertise.

    Wood Panelling:

    This is an incredibly versatile trend that can be adapted to suite a variety of properties, rooms, and styles.

    Perfect for creating a feature wall or covering an entire room, consider how you can used different woods, styles, and patterns to capture your customer’s style and meet their brief.


    You’ve probably noticed a strong Japanese design element running through interior trends over the past year or so. This autumn, Japandi will be a big trend – think the perfect combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity. If your customer is looking for paired back, less-is-more interiors, this could be the trend for them.

    Granny chic:

    You’ll have noticed it increasing in popularity over the past few months, but granny chic (also known as grandmillennial!) is set to be huge this autumn, offering the perfect combination of comfort and nostalgia with a modern twist.

    If this is the look your customers are going for, antiques, blankets, florals, and vintage pieces are a great place to start.

    Warm, earthy tones:

    The colder months are the ideal time to add warm, earthy tones into a space. After all, nothing says autumnal like earthy oranges, rich reds, and soft greens. Injecting these colours is a quick an easy way to update your customer’s space.

    Colour chart: how to choose the right colours to suit your customer’s home and personality

    Although your customers may want to follow the latest trends, it’s important that the colours they choose work in their home and suit their personality.

    If, for example, your customer has a clean, simple home with a neutral colour scheme throughout, is a bold or dark colour in one room going to be too much for them? It might look good on Instagram or Pinterest, but in reality, it could feel overwhelming and look out of place in their property. So make sure your customers choose colours that reflect their home and their sense of style, rather than purely following the trends.

    Creating warmth in the home:

    You’ll notice at this time of year that your customers are looking to add warmth and comfort to their homes. So encourage them to incorporate lots of textiles, such as pillows, throws, and heavy curtains. They may also want to incorporate heavier fabrics such as touches of velvet and faux fur.

    What do you think? Do you have any similar upcoming projects on your on home or a clients that you can tell us about or share pictures before, during and after!? 😊

    Kindest regards,


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    Well done good post
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    Hey @Ajw

    Ah thank you so so much! So nice to see different trends coming into play, I love Autumn 😁🍁
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    😍😍😍 How great is this post @Ajw whats your favourite style at the moment?

    I am just in love with the wood paneling currently - I think it makes a room look very classy!

    What do you think too @ToolTalk1 & @Sean have you had to do much of this when decorating?
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    Yes I like all the panel ideas also like crowned pullers pediments etc
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    the trend of paneling, be that mouldings or flat surface is incredibly popular, ive painted many
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    Hey Jason @Ajw whats 'crowned pullers pediments'? 😎
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    Have a look at period homes on I g Georgian period especially