The Nations Dream Home - what are your top 3 dream home must-haves

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    Hey everyone,

    I've been reading an article today on Rightmove after running a survey to find 'The Nation's Dream Home'. 🏡

    It got me wondering, as most of you work on customers' houses day in day out, creating the 'dream home' so I'm conscious to hear if you feel the same...!

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    It reads:
    'Forget the fanciful notions of walk-in wardrobes, bespoke at-home gyms or luxurious swimming pools, the convenience of a utility room and a home office are far more important to most people.'

    In fact, they reveal 'the nation’s dream home is a four-bedroom detached property in a coastal village, with two living rooms, two bathrooms, a garden, garage, utility room and an office.'

    Personally, I'd be happy with one of each, but I guess this is still for the 'dream home', in that case, il take the walk-in wardrobe and a garden spa and bar thank you! 🥂🍻 👙 👠

    One of the big impacts on the housing market during the pandemic has been the jump in the number of people buying a detached home with a garden. Rightmove has seen a record number of people searching for homes with gardens this year.

    A home set among a small, friendly community is sought after, living in a detached property, so as not to have the neighbours too close. A cottage comes in second, fitting with the idyll of a cosy cottage by the sea.

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    The rise of working from home comes through especially in the younger age groups, with those aged 18-34 saying a home office is their number one priority for an extra room. The conservatory doesn’t start to appear as a must-have until we reach the 65+ age group, who would also choose a bungalow over a large house.

    The youngest age group of 18-24 would really like a dining room, likely to have more room to entertain friends. A third bathroom, maybe for growing families, emerges in the 25-44 age group.

    What are your top 3 dream home must-haves?

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    Beautiful modern design loaded with up to date modern living with beautiful colour schemes which blend together seem less good all round sound system playing classical music in wc and through out with Muruls on the wall of classic art Michael Angelo sculptures open plan kitchen diner lounge bifold doors onto entertainment area
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    Morning @Ajw wow - I can almost imagine that perfectly in my mind, how elegant, classy and very suave!

    Classical music in the wc haha I love it.

    I once went to a secret location bar that had a jungle themed bathroom playing David Attenborough through the speakers - I thought it was brilliant! 🤣

    What would the garden look like with your dream home?
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    Out of the ground fishpond with classical fountain loads of bay trees boxing hedging topiary palm trees swimming pool barbecue area also garden room open on three sides lots of English David Austin roses which give of perfume on a summer evening
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    For me being an electrician it would have to be really technological, but not the technology that freazzles your brain trying to work it! Just simple but effective tech like colour changing wall panels that change with the mood that is set (especially in the bar area!) Would also like speakers that are set in the walls behind the plaster (I’ve actually heard these before and they sound great) so I can walk between rooms and the music follows me! It all really comes down to having a house that keeps your mood in life bright and keeps you smiling…… oh and a nice jacuzzi would go down a treat too!
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    1. About 30 acres of land, a mix of woodland, open pastures and maybe a few streams
    2. A converted barn large enough to house all of the toys you would need
    3. Go-cart track

    And that is why I'm not allowed to go house shopping
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    Hey @Ajw @jason1972 @Simm Electrical

    I love all of those ideas, I think they sound lush! 😍 @jason1972 I do agree with you on the woodland, pastures and streams though, I would love a lot of land!

    My top three are below:

    1. Lots of land
    2. Big kitchen with a breakfast bar and huge windows so I can see my land 😁
    3. A rooftop bar/garden for parties!
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    @Ajw - I'd have to have enough space for a marquee for birthdays and BBQ's in the summer time too of course. I enjoy hosting!

    🐟 What fish would you have in the pond? I'll have to get a picture when im next in the office of these HUGE fish in one of the streams to the lake, I'm pretty sure they're Carp.

    Yes to the roses too - I'm partial to a peony 🌹
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    Good morning Alex @Simm Electrical

    How was your birthday? Did you manage to get any of your dream home wishes for your special day?

    I've never heard of these speakers but I'm SO CURIOUS now - Would it not sound slightly muffled!?

    Oh an yes, Jacuzzi is a given, a must have if you will 😂 within reach of the bar so that drinks can be easily passed over
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    @jason1972 "and thats why im not allowed shopping" Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

    I mean that seems all legit stuff Jason 😂 Brilliant answer haha honestly. I love the converted barns too. That have the floor to roof windows on both sides for all that natural light. And tall enough ceilings to fit the biggest Christmas tree you ever did see!