What do I use for a bathroom whilst work on my house is being done?

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    Question: I want to re tile and replace my ceramics, and maybe relocate wc and bath within the room. This is the only way I have in my flat and although not a huge room, I think it may take 7-10 days. What do I use for a loo while the work is being done? I have asked every bathroom designer in NW London and they don't know.?..hoping someone here can help.
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    You're best bet will be to get a portable chemical toilet (more commonly used for camping), we have one that we lend to clients in this situation, but we're not in your area.
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    You could ask for the new soil pipe connection to be prioritised so that a WC can be left connected each evening and then removed the following morning.
    During the day you can go to your local cafe, a shopping centre or your gym.
    Most customers also ask their neighbours to use their WC if they are in good terms.
    ​​​​​​​In an area such as NW2 you should have plenty of options.
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    Hi both ideas above are good ideas, we try to leave a working toilet in the property for as long as possible, making the toilet the last item to be removed and replaced.

    ​​​​​​​All other items like tiles, bath etc can still be removed without disturbing the existing toilet.
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    To be chonest i know it sounds a bit impossible. But when it comes down to these type measures. Your 1st and last port of call in a bathroom is to always priorities the loo.
    why can't it be removed - replaced or if a temporary loo put into position using existing down pipe or as closer to where the work is to be carried out - site the loo there...
    wouldn't thik it'd be that awkward to work around it keeling it to temporary scale. Throw away

    or simply a porta loo placed elsewhere ..