Blog: Showcasing your best work: Using photos to create a positive brand image

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    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true when it comes to adding photos to your Checkatrade profile. Showcasing pictures of your work helps to demonstrate to customers that you provide a high-quality service and you’re committed to each and every project.

    Every photo adds another layer of authenticity to your brand, raising awareness of your business and showing customers that you are a reliable, genuine company. The more varied the images the better, as many future customers will be eager to see exactly how professional your work is before they ask for a quote.

    Remember, uploading examples of your best work to your website, social channels and your Checkatrade profile will help to entice customers to choose your company. Check out Pete Haines @abc123 gallery of images (see below👇). This range of beautifully shot photos showcases the professional quality and high standards this company strives for, drawing customers away from the competition.

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    Why are photos so important in the trade?
    Any powerful marketing campaign involves the use of photos in addition to text. Photos help to build awareness of your brand, while also giving your customers photographic evidence of your best work. No matter if you’re building your business, or you already have years of experience under your belt, it’s been proven that photos can greatly enhance your company’s marketing efforts.

    Don’t underestimate the power of the image you portray (uniform, clean, tidy organised van etc)” @jason1972, Taylored Drainage Solutions.

    Did you know that including photos of your team, your van, and your workspace can also create a feeling of comfort and familiarity? This allows customers to feel more secure in choosing your business. What’s more, having a Checkatrade profile that includes images will go a long way to convincing your customers that you’re the best tradesperson for their project.

    Before and after shots
    One of the main advantages of before and after shots is that they motivate consumers to take action. In fact, showing how your team can transform your customers’ homes is highly effective for all types of trade companies, particularly the construction, gardening and remodelling sectors.

    In this brilliant example, Pete @abc123 showcases his “After” work using well-lit and immaculate framed shots to make the most impact. In today’s digital world, before and after shots are a core selling tool on social media too. They make for great content that can influence your potential customers, encouraging engagement, and generating those all-important sales.

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    Boost your branding and credibility
    As a reliable and trustworthy tradesperson, you’ll want to show your customers just how credible your business is. In fact, there’s an actual scientific reason why images boost branding. According to research, people are likely to remember only 10% of the information they heard three days later. In contrast, they retain around 65% of the information they’ve seen after the same period.

    That’s why investing the time and energy to capture a range of high-quality images can work wonders for your brand’s credibility. Images also hugely increase the effects of your marketing campaign over social media, your website and your Checkatrade profile.

    How to take the perfect image on your smartphone
    It’s always worthwhile investing in professional, high-quality images to use online and off. However, it’s also possible to take great images and videos using only your smartphone. Luckily, most newer smartphones have excellent cameras that can generate impressive photos at the touch of a button. 🤳

    There are also plenty of ways to use eye catching visuals to impress and grab the attention of your customers. Whether you use before and after shots, project progression images, or photos of your finished work you’re sure to improve the effectiveness of your Checkatrade profile. All of which is essential when it comes to attracting new customers.

    Unsure how to take great photos? Don’t worry, there are a few tricks to achieving high quality images. Try using the gridlines on your phone’s camera to balance your shot, setting your camera’s focus, and experimenting with different perspectives. Then once you’re happy, take the shot!

    Remember to also use your camera’s flash function if you’re taking photos indoors or in dark spaces. It can even help to shoot against a plain background to make your images pop. What’s more, there are a variety of online guides to using your phone to capture beautiful photos if you need further guidance.

    So, if your business needs a head start don’t just tell your potential customers what you can do, show them!

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