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    Hey everyone,

    🚨 New Blog Alert 🚨

    The trade sector is booming💥 with more people than ever looking to improve, enhance and remodel their homes. This is great news for anyone looking to expand and grow their small business. And, with demand at unprecedented levels, now is a fantastic time to make positive changes to show your customers how professional, committed and trustworthy your business is. 📈

    So, why not take this opportunity to start afresh by revitalising your Checkatrade profile? After all, it’s one of the best ways to attract new customers so should reflect you in the best possible light.

    If your business needs a boost or you’re looking to expand, read on... You’ll learn how to inject new life into your profile page, making it as enticing as possible to potential customers and helping you stand out above the competition.

    Clean up your image
    You’ve probably already noticed that becoming a Checkatrade member is a brilliant way to increase your workflow and help you to reach more customers. However, if your profile page isn’t up to scratch, this can greatly impact whether customers choose you or your competitors.

    So, let’s start by looking at the image you’re projecting to your customers. Every business needs a consistent brand to help customers see what makes your company special and unique. You don’t need to invest a lot of time in your image, all you need is a clean, bold logo, pictures of you and your team, and it helps to add a summary of what makes you different from your competitors.

    Remember, standing out isn’t about paying for an expensive website and advertising, you just need to show customers what you can offer them that your competitors don’t. Be sure to focus on your unique selling points.

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    Declutter your text
    If your profile includes long passages of text, this can be overwhelming for customers. You want to let them know how amazing your business is without using large chunks of writing. Try making your Checkatrade profile snappier by picking out key points that’ll help let potential customers know why they should choose your company.

    Remember to keep things professional without using complicated terms and business-speak. Think about making your text conversational (how you would chat to a friend) to show your target audience that you’re friendly and care about their needs.

    A quick trick to writing a clear, easy to follow profile is to use the SHORT method. This includes:
    • Starting with a brief introduction about your company, who you are, and what you offer.
    • Highlighting your top skills (these can include your experience, qualifications, accreditations and certifications).
    • Outlining your unique selling points. This covers why you’re different from your competition and the amazing services you offer.
    • Reviewing your profile by checking for spelling mistakes and errors. Also, make sure to update any important information that is outdated.
    • Tidying up your page by using clear and to the point language so ideally it’s no more than 150 words.
    • Top tip: It’s also worth being mindful of customers who need you to take extra precautions due to Covid but still want work to be completed. Consider writing a section about how you take extra measures to protect your customers in your profile text.

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    Putting your best foot forward

    It’s not surprising that many businesses let things slide due to lockdown. You’ll likely have traded your work boots for slippers, overalls for pyjamas, and inside jobs for outside jobs. This means those essential finishing touches have been pushed down the priority list. However, now’s the perfect time to dust yourself off and get back to presenting a great company image.

    Here are some top tips for putting your best foot forward:
    • Link your Checkatrade profile with your website, and professional social media sites. You can do this using links posted on your different profiles. These should be clear and easy to see to ensure they aren’t missed by your customers.
    • If you often work from home, now is a great time to have a tidy up. You can start by filing any loose paperwork, dusting your work desk and cleaning any tools you use. This will help to increase your productivity and create a workspace you look forward to using.
    • If you own a van, take the opportunity to give it a scrub and polish so it shines as bright as your talent.
    • Do you have workwear that’s printed/embroidered with your logo? If not, why? It’s a great way to stand out and give yourself a professional edge! Having branded workwear is also a fantastic method of free advertising.

    Get your house in order
    Working as a tradesperson means a constant stream of new challenges and projects but unfortunately, you also need to deal with admin tasks. Keeping receipts and invoices can get messy but it’s vital you don’t throw any of these documents away.

    Fed up of mountains of paperwork? Why not consider going digital? Switching to an online platform that uses apps, templates, and digital paper trails for items like invoices and taxes can help to make your life easier. Not only does it save you time and real estate, but it also allows you to access everything you need at the click of a button.

    This means you can spend more time focussing on meeting your customers’ needs and it might even mean you can turn your office into a game’s room instead! If you’d like more tips and guidance, check out our blog: ‘Helping you to manage your time and workload‘.

    Key takeaways for improving your profile
    • Keep your page up-to-date with your latest, offers, contact details and accreditations
    • Consider switching to digital platforms to save time and space in your home.
    • Make sure your profile page is easy to read, snappy and clear to attract more customers.
    • Enter the post-lockdown era by cleaning and tidying your workspace, van, and tool collection.
    • Give your company a kick start by adding links to your profile pages and website.
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    Hey @Ultimate , I know we've been chatting recently about ideas on how to get more enquruies so I've just shared this post here!

    I'd love to hear what other tips, tricks and advice our other members of the Community had for us all ...

    Tagging a few that might be online right now to share..

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    @Lauren @Ultimate
    for me its about networking - connecting with others …
    in the early days i would meet interior designers & architects.
    present my business & offer to pay a commission to them.
    also with each job i would do additional work for free…
    small things.
    be worth getting a copy of Acceleratee” from checkatrade this is rammed with tips how many members run their businesses.
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    Get regular reviews and encourage your customers to use check a trade if they are looking for other tradespeople

    keep your page up to date with new pictures if possible
    Hey @Ultimate, I know we've been chatting recently about ideas on how to get more enquruies so I've just shared this post here!

    I'd love to hear what other tips, tricks and advice our other members of the Community had for us all ...

    Tagging a few that might be online right now to share..

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    I think a freshen up of your profile is a great idea and something I should do myself.
    I think posting regular picture of work your doing is one of the most important things. I have looked on quite a few trade pages on Instagram and Facebook and have been disappointed to see they’re not updated very often.
    social media is very powerful try to tag anything relevant in a post.