What cable size for a cooker?

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    What size cable do I need for my cooker?
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    If you’re wondering “what size cable for cooker” we first need to establish what type of oven you need installing – gas or electric?

    What size cable for a gas oven?

    For gas ovens it’s highly recommended you hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to do the installation or to replace any cabling.
    Whilst it’s not illegal to install it yourself, you will need a Gas Safe Engineer to check it before you use it. As you’ll have to pay for this it’s recommended they also conduct the installation in order to ensure your home is safe during these initial stages.
    You can find out more in our oven installation cost guide.

    What size cable for electric cooker and hob?

    The size cable recommended for an electric cooker will vary depending on the size of the cooker and length of the wire, so there’s no one size fits all solution. If the wrong cable is used it can catch fire, so we recommend reviewing the documents provided by the manufacturer and consulting this calculator.
    If you’ve lost your manual, it’s worth calling the manufacturer for details, or searching on Google for the type of oven as many old manuals have been scanned and stored online.
    You also need to consider:

    • Can your circuit breaker or consumer unit cope with the increased power requirements? The cooker must have its own fuse of the correct amperage. You can check the amp rating of the oven to see if this is the case.
    • Do you have an isolating switch? This is essential if there’s a short circuit. Double pole isolating switches are recommended.
    • Make sure nothing is near to the oven that could catch fire. Ideally there should be a gap of 320mm between the cooker and nearby items.
    • Ensure it’s properly wired and connected to the cooker control unit.
    • You must comply with Electrical Regulations and new installations must be done by a qualified electrician.

    As with gas ovens, if you get your cooker installed professionally then you won’t have to worry about this. You can find out more in our oven installation cost guide.