Which trade do I need to insulate 2 internal walls?

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    Question: The bathroom walls have no cavity or insulation. I have stripped the plaster off and want to know how and what to use to insulate the 2 walls and who could do it The showeroom is situated in my single storey extension and is cold and suffers with condensation. I need a tradesperson to give me a quote to insulate the 2 internal walls properly.
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    dependent on space insulation can be done by simply bonding thermal plaster board to the walls.
    depending on the finished requirements this could be plastered, tape & jointed
    then painted with Zinsser Permawhite mould resistant paint after pre priming with Zinsser 123 or 123 Plus.

    if mould is an issue then decent extraction is required & after treating the mould the same paint system applied.
    a builder, decorator or experienced handy man could carry put these works