Have I ruined my doors?

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    ​​​​​​​Hello all, I recently bought a factory-primed white door from Wickes ... well I bought four. I was told by their customer service team that it was ready to paint using a water-based paint, and this was highlighted on their product description too. I was then recommended their own range of water-based interior wood paint - I purchased them in Matt Black. However, after two coats Iíve noticed the paint is very blotchy. They were cleaned, already primed, so Iím not sure what I was missing for them to turn blotchy - and with them being so dark in colour, the mistake (for a lack of better words) is very visible. Any advice on how to best approach this now?
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    Hi SalKhan,
    sounds like you might have purchased an emulsion paint ideally for walls and that might be the reason it hasnít covered.
    personally I wouldnít use a Matt paint on doors as it will mark easy. Ideally I would use something like Dulux diamond eggshell as itís tougher and should convert better painting black on white primer will most likely take three good coats.
    hope this helps .
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