Tell us a trade horror story (for a not-so-scary prize…)

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    Yeah some super scary stories out there for sure! There is a happy ending as I understand the customer has (using the data provided by me) managed to reduce the cost by over £6k, unfortunately they will never recover the full amount, but at least the rate they have now paid is in line with a roof/job of this type.
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    @Lauren don’t think the customer wanted them back, I’m still waiting for them to get the replacement wallpaper.
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    i was called out to a local farmer who had used the family’s favourite decorator (he chose to call him 1lol)
    the Farmers wife had purchased a £180.00 a roll designer wallpaper and this chap refused to hang it…..

    i visited the property and was shocked by what he had done in preparation for the new wallpaper.

    1. cross lined walls - but over lapped it by about 2” on every length

    2. Grit & lumps where left under the lining paper

    I said i would not hang the paper over such a mess & that it would need stripping & starting from scratch.
    the agree👌
    job was completed client over the moon
    3 months later I was back…..
    her your children had flooded the bathroom above and water has escaped through the ceiling damaging the designer wallpaper below.
    so this was sorted!

    6 months after this another call from client….

    the Victorian cast iron rain water down pipes on the exterior had become blocked and the rain had penetrated the solid brick wall and saturated the wallpaper!!!!!

    so a dehumidifier was installed and again the area was stripped - lined & re wallpapered.
    i suggested to the client that perhaps we should all make a toast to the room ( Tea, Coffee or stronger) once it was completed 3rd time

    to give the room a #happy #vibe
    as i said it was possibly jinxed or haunted

    they all laughed but the whole family & two dogs crammed into this wonderful room and toasted it “Cheers”

    so far I haven’t been back and at least 10 years has passed 🙏🙌👍🤝