Top 5 Customer Service Team FAQs that we get asked

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    Hey everyone,

    Our customer service team deals with hundreds of calls from curious customers on a daily basis, so we thought it would be handy for us to share some of the most common questions we get asked Ė along with the answers.

    We hope you find them useful, and weíd love to hear from you Ė so feel free to comment on this post. After all, thatís what our community is here for😊.

    FAQ 1️⃣: Do your members have insurance? And what happens if their Public Liability Insurance isnít updated?
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    We want to make sure youíre always dealing with insured tradespeople, which is why we ask for proof that all of our members have valid Public Liability insurance (PLI). Whenever a new member joins Checkatrade, they have a month to supply us with evidence of their PLI insurance policy. If they fail to do so, they wonít appear in the search results on Checkatrade.

    Existing members need to provide us with evidence of their insurance renewal annually. Otherwise, we update their profile to make it very clear that the member hasnít provided proof of valid insurance until they do so.

    FAQ 2️⃣: How does Checkatrade verify reviews?
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    We have a dedicated customer service team who spot-check and verify reviews we receive every month. Firstly, when you post a review on Checkatrade, we send you a text message to confirm that the details that you provided for the review are correct. Then, you may receive a follow-up call from one of the lovely members of our team to go into more detail about the review youíve supplied.

    3️⃣: How can I find a member by company name?
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    Itís quick and easy to find a Checkatrade member using their company name. On the homepage, underneath the main search box youíll see the option ďor look up a member by nameĒ. Click that link and it will change the search box so that you can search by company name.

    FAQ 4️⃣: Can I cancel or change my callback request?
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    The way callback requests work is that, when submitting a callback request via the Checkatrade website, our members will automatically receive your details and request for contact. That means that, unfortunately, you canít cancel or change a callback request once itís been submitted.

    But donít worry, if you get a callback that you no longer need you can simply let the member know that you no longer require their services. Or, alternatively, discuss the updated details of what you now need.

    FAQ 5️⃣​​​​​​​: Why do you only accept feedback online from consumers who have a mobile number?
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    We ask for a mobile number as part of the verification process for our online feedback. Weíve found that reviews and feedback by customers who provide a mobile number are much more likely to be genuine, and it allows us to follow up with a phone call if needed.

    Reviews and feedback are a huge part of the service we offer here at Checkatrade, and we work hard to ensure that you can trust all the feedback that youíre reading about our members.

    Have a question?

    If you have something you want to ask us, our friendly customer service team is ready and waiting to help so feel free to contact us now.
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    This is very helpful and I like the layout to this post too