How should customers contact and interact with tradespeople on Checkatrade?

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    ​​​​​​​Hey everyone,

    We want all our customers and tradespeople to get the most out of every interaction they have with each other. From the first step of requesting a quote, right through to completing the job and providing feedback.

    Here are our top tips for how customers can make the most of finding and dealing with tradespeople on Checkatrade... ✔

    1️⃣- Communication is key
    As with most things in life, good communication is the key🔑 to getting the most from dealing with tradespeople – particularly in the early stages when you’re trying to find the right tradesperson to work with and getting quotes for the job you need doing.

    2️⃣- Provide as much information as possible
    When contacting tradespeople, try to provide as much information about your project upfront as you can. This helps our members understand what you need and if it’s a job they can help with. Also, the more information they have, the more accurate their quote can be.

    Here are some of the details you should try and have to hand before contacting a trade:
    • Details of what work you need doing✔
    • An idea of dates or the timeline for when you’d ideally like the work to start (whilst being flexible where possible)✔
    • Measurements, where relevant✔
    • Any images or drawings that can help the tradesperson visualise the project✔
    • Any restrictions or limitations that the tradesperson should be aware of (such as access to the property, access between floors, etc)✔

    3️⃣- Use our Checkatrade search tool
    By finding and contacting tradespeople through Checkatrade, you can be confident that they’ve been checked and verified as competent professionals. You’ll be able to see details of their qualifications, accreditations and/or experience on their profiles – as well as reviews and feedback from previous customers.

    4️⃣- Get in touch
    Once you’ve found a tradesperson (or tradespeople) you think are right for the job, it’s time to get in touch with them - by either calling📞 or texting📱 their phone number, or requesting a quote online💻.

    👉 As a little tip, we find that customers tend to have the best results and find the right tradesperson the fastest when they pick up the phone and make a call. A quick chat on the phone will allow you to explain the job that you need doing, and discuss any details or questions that you or the tradesperson might have.

    👉 That said, we’re living in a time when tradespeople are busier than ever, so if they don’t answer their phone it might mean they’re busy on a job. In that case, drop them a text or request a quote from their profile and they’ll get back to you as soon as they have a free moment.

    Not ready to start the work yet?
    If you’re still in the planning or ideation stage of your project, you can ask questions here[link[ in our community to help you figure out exactly what you want or need. You might also find you get valuable tips and suggestions from other customers or tradespeople about your project.

    Ask a question now >>

    Have you contacted some Checkatrade tradespeople but struggled to get your work booked in quick enough? See our post here on the current UK Material and labour shortage

    Also, if you have something to add on this topic, we’d love to hear from you in the comments on this post. 👇
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