Why it's worth getting a skilled tradesperson to look at a job

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    ​​​​​​​Hey everyone,

    When it comes to home improvements, even small projects are rarely as straightforward as you might have thought. What may seem easy at first, can have underlying problems that need to be dealt with, or complications that require some expert knowledge to handle.

    Checkatrade members are expert tradespeople in their fields, and many have experience in dealing with a wide range of jobs in the past. An experienced Checkatrade member will be able to evaluate a job and consider the possible outcomes, challenges, and factors that will affect how the work is completed.

    Another area that really helps to have the advice of an expert is planning a budget for your project. Inexperienced DIY enthusiasts often find that costs can quickly escalate and the job ends up costing a lot more than they expected, mainly due to lack of planning.

    By seeking professional advice from a tradesperson at the outset, they’ll be able to tell you about the various stages of the project, what’s needed and when, and give you an idea of costs✔. That way, you don’t rack up a big bill and have a nasty surprise at the end😖.

    Some jobs aren’t what they first seem

    Recently, one of our team members was planning a water feature in their garden and so went out and bought a water feature, brought it home, and then the saga began…

    What they thought would be a simple ‘plug in and off you go’ kind of job, turned out to be much more complicated. The water feature and where it needed to be located actually required some ground preparation, plumbing, and a power supply – some of which was made more complicated by the make and model of water feature they’d bought.

    Had our dear colleague consulted with a water feature expert at the beginning, they’d have understood what would be needed for the various types of water feature, known what options were available, and saved themselves a lot of hassle, back and forth, and costs for the water feature job.

    Benefits of hiring a tradesperson

    Here are some of the many reasons why it makes sense to get a tradesperson involved in your project:
    ☑Get professional advice on how to plan your project from the beginning
    Understand the factors that may affect the job and how the work is done
    ☑Often tradespeople will ask questions or make suggestions that you haven’t considered
    ☑Reputable tradespeople will have insurance to cover if anything goes wrong
    ☑You can get costs quoted upfront so you avoid nasty surprises for your budget

    Has a tradesperson been valuable for your home project?

    We'd love to hear about some of your home improvement projects where a tradesperson (or tradespeople) have really helped the job be a success. Whether you’re in the middle of a job at the moment or you’ve completed one in the past, it would be great to hear how you were helped out by those in the know – particularly if it involved Checkatrade members.

    Tell us all about it by adding to the comments below 👇
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