Deposit for Building Work

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  • ChelseaDave's Avatar
    Level 20
    @Ajw The relationship between the tradesperson and client should be built on trust! I think if getting a deposit is a stumbling block and this first hurdle can't be jumped, then all confidence goes out the window and it is a non-starter! One of the main problems is not all consumers read in detail the profile of the tradesperson! For example: on my own profile I clearly state that I only do Bespoke woodwork and not basic carpentry and joinery i.e. hanging doors, fitting skirting etc, yet I am inundated with enquiries for this type of work. So if some, not all consumers are not prepared to do their homework and checks on the tradesperson, what hope is there of them following a guide?
  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    The point of a guide is to try and stop all the time wasting people who ring up for quotes etc with no money to do the work with in the first place and like to waste other peoples time Checkatrade is a large enough company to simplify the process for the customer and lessen the impact on the trades with useless enquiries
    at the moment there is nothing in place so they have every opportunity to waste our time
  • ChelseaDave's Avatar
    Level 20
    My point is, if they are not going to read a tradespersons profile they certainly wonít read a guide, therefore I canít see it making much difference. But it is a good idea in a perfect world!
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    @pebbleridge yes its normal if theres no relationship with customer