Where can I find gas cooker installation regulations?

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    Question: I need a new freestanding gas cooker in my home. Everything about the installation of my current free standing cooker is according to the regs as given to me by Hotpoint. However I had a kitchen installed in 2018 and the cabinets to each side of the hob are 360mm above the hob and I was told they have to be 420mm above. I can't find official confirmation of regs for installation of domestic gas cookers and I can't track down the original Kitchen fitter though they are local. Is 420mm the correct info? And what do I do? Do I really have to have my relatively new kitchen remodelled?

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    @Georgia Find yourself a copy of BS6172 on-line somewhere. Its all detailed in there regarding clearances, room sizes and ventilation requirements.
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    Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR)

    4 Mar 2021 — Practical regulatory guidance dealing with safe installation, maintenance, and use of gas systems, including fittings, appliances, and flue. You have to be Gas Safe Registered!
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    Hey @Heatwave

    Thanks for your reply! Is there anything that you would be able to add so that the customer may have a little bit of an understanding of what they would be looking for or reading?

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    Answer from Checkatrade's Building Estimator:

    You will be able to find the official gas cooker installation regulations on the .GOV website, or apply to a local authority to get a copy.

    It seems your kitchen was fitted prior to the new gas regs being introduced. The cooker hood should be a minimum of 760mm above the hob and any adjacent cabinets should be 460mm above the hob according to the new regs. This is to avoid combustion.

    Our recommendation is that the cabinets should be raised to comply with the current regulations, but it's a personal choice based on risk as the kitchen & oven have been fitted to regulations albeit different ones.

    The responsibility, if there was to be a kitchen fire, will be down to the householder. Every homeowner should ensure compliance.