Why canít I get a job booked in quickly?

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    Hey everyone,

    You may have noticed in recent months that itís hard to get a job booked in at short notice. Or, some tradespeople take ages to get back to you when you reach out to them. The combination of Brexit and Covid-19 have caused havoc for tradespeople and their customers throughout the UK. And we get that itís frustrating as heck. You want to confirm a booking as soon as possible!

    With that in mind, we thought weíd look at some of the reasons why this is happening, and what you can do to get a job done sooner rather than later.

    Why is it so hard to book a tradesperson?

    What weíve seen happen over the past year or so is a combination of added restrictions and costs for importing goods and materials due to Brexit, teamed with an unprecedented amount of home improvement work being commissioned at the same time.

    More customers than ever are wanting plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters, plasters, painters and decorators, etc. And those tradespeople are finding it harder and more expensive to source materials. All this extra demand means that many tradespeople are finding it hard to do all the jobs they have coming in Ė with many struggling to find labourers and apprentices to keep up with the work.

    The result? Slower response times and longer lead times for actually doing the work Ė currently a lot of tradespeople are booking new jobs months in advance! Many of them also wonít take on work if they canít do it, so some customers are getting radio silence from tradespeople theyíre contacting. Not because they donít care about your custom, but because theyíre so busy that they simply donít have time to get back to all new job requests.

    What can you do to book a tradesperson faster?

    Despite thousands of tradespeople in the UK being busier than ever, that doesnít mean you canít book professionals to get your job done. Here are our top tips for booking a tradesperson👇

    1️⃣ Pick up the phone

    Sending an email or text message can easily get lost in a busy inbox, whereas a call is much more likely to be answered. And if they donít answer, call back. Speaking to the tradesperson on the phone you can also quickly discuss the details of what you need and see if they can squeeze you in Ė you never know when they might have just had a last minute cancellation.
    2️⃣ Provide as much detail as possible when requesting a job

    Communication is key. Tradespeople will prioritise customers who sound like they know what they want and are ready to go. By providing as much detail as you can about your project, when youíd like the work to start/finish, and what you need from the tradesperson will help show that youíre serious about getting the job done. As a potential customer, make it as easy as possible for the tradesperson to understand what you want and when you want it.

    3️⃣ The sooner you book the better

    If you know you need a job doing, act now. Donít put it off, as the longer you wait, the longer youíll have to wait to get the work done. The current material and labour shortage is unpredictable and no one is quite sure if it will get better or worse, so the sooner you reach out to tradespeople the better. Click here>> to see our post on how to contact trades.

    4️⃣ Always do your homework

    No matter how busy tradespeople are, itís important to do your research to make sure youíre hiring the right person for the job. Search for local tradespeople on Checkatrade, check their reviews, and reach out to the ones that sound like a good fit for your project. And remember, itís better to be patient for the right tradesperson to do a brilliant job than to hire a cowboy who might be available sooner but will do a shoddy job that might cost you more in time and money in the long run.

    Have any tips of your own?

    If youíve got any top tips on how to book tradespeople in the current climate of increased demand and challenging shortages, weíd love to hear from you. Share your nuggets of wisdom in the comments below.

    Do you have a question for our trades perhaps before you contact them? Click here to ask the Community a question!

    Kind regards,
    Georgia 😊
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  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    Please remember tradespeople cannot work to dates customers need to realistically understand one delay can throw all the dates out of the window
  • Lauren's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hey Jason @Ajw absolutely right there - do you agree its best to have a chat over a call to try to agree the most suitable options for both.

    It also gives you the opportunity to build rapport with the consumer too. If they do not book you for work this time, if dates do not work, they'd most likely keep you in mind for future jobs too

    Kindest regards,
  • ChelseaDave's Avatar
    Level 20
    It generally comes down to the tradesperson being good at what they do, demand and having a full diary!
  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    I would agree Lauren with all the will in the world sometimes delay comes ( other trades not on time kitchen delayed bathroom delayed etc)
    if you are on external one week of rain schedule for the summer pushed off track so definitely conversation with customer