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    My neighbour in the flat upstairs has had a very bad leak which has damaged my ground floor flat. I have got most things sorted however I now need to get 3 quotes for my insurance company in order to replace the ceiling and lighting in the bathroom (also to change the latter from a centre light to spotlights)

    In addition there are 2 coat cupboards in the hall which also need the ceilings replaced.

    The bathroom has the bath, sink toilet in already built in, so would these all need to be removed (somehow?) BEFORE the ceiling is replaced ?

    Sorry if this is a daft question, but I've never sorted anything out like this before so feel a bit lost!

    Many thanks,
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    Hi Sara,
    it sounds to me like you may need the assistance of an electrician and a plasterer. You would have to check if the plasterer needs to re-board your ceilings and if they do this too (assuming you have plasterboard ceilings). You could contact one of the trades (eg. Electrician) and see if they also recommend a contact from the other trade (eg. Plasterer) as some times it helps if both trades know each other and can work around different time scales. It would be best to have a look on the Checkatrade website for these trades in your area. Hope the project goes well for you.
    ​​​​​​​Simm Electrical.
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    Morning all - I am just tagging @Sara Clark so that you receive the notification to Simm Electricals comments 😊

    Please keep us updated with the outcome

    Kindest regards,