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    Hi - Our porch has wooden door and window frames, subsequently the door frame has got wet and is now falling apart, the porch itself is brick halfway and 4 windows. the brickwork does appear to be damp. Our original thought was to replace the porch however on reading some other forums repair could be an option… as in repair brickwork & replace windows and door… rather than knock the whole thing down.

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    Hi, looking at the pictures I would say it definitely can be repaired and made water tight. The only problem is whether it will be cost effective to repair.
    I would recommend getting quotes from different trades to see how they compare.
    some decorators will take on a job like this or try a carpenter and a general builder.
    a builder could also give you an idea with the cost of replacing it.
    hope this helps
    ​​​​​​​regards Sean saunders
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    Thank you for having a look at the pics & replying Sean, much appreciated.

    I will get some quotes
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    Hey @MrsC

    Thank you for posting and also getting back to @Sean

    Have you managed to get in contact with any trades yet? 😊

    Kindest regards,