How do you create a cosy home?

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    Hey everyone,

    Now that Halloween - spooky season is over and the temperatures drastically dropped, cosy season is officially here! 🕯🧤🍷🍁🛁

    When it’s already dark by mid-afternoon, it’s time to light the candles, turn on that slow cooker and grab the softest, cosiest, blanket to snuggle up on the sofa with.

    A truly cosy home should be a retreat from the world outside so absolutely filling it with your favourite colours, smells, sounds and textures to make you feel relaxed is important.

    What do you do to 'cosy up' your home?

    I'm just about to start up the log burner 🔥😍

    Kindest regards,

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    @Lauren I have a basket of cosy blankets, loads of scented candles and plenty of bath stuff for bubble baths in the cold evenings!

    What does everyone else do? 😍
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    I’m curious to see where people get their inspiration from? Is it Pinterest, Instagram, or somewhere else?