What have you learnt that you wish you'd known from the start?

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    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to know if there is anything you've learnt that you wish you'd known from the start? 💭 🔙

    This can be anything from work you've had done on your home, to the type of work you're in now.

    Please share below your most valuable learnings in life! It might just be something that could help the next person...


    Kindest regards,
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    Poor communication is the norm with trades, I have tried to inittiate visits for quotes and had appointments arranged and nobody shopws up. I follow up with phone calls and finally give up and try someone else and the same happens over and over again. I have been stung and just cannot seem to get a reliable company to maintain communication and also to be not underhanded. Something I wish i knew was never to rely on anyone.
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    One of the things I wish I knew from the start is that is are so many types of different customers. Some more challenging than others. I have adapted my customer relationship over the years and found that as long as you just do your very best for all your customers from phone calls and emails to making sure the job you do is the best it could have been done, then every type of customer should be happy with your business.
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    Hi @Klegg

    Thank you for posting and sharing here. I am sorry to hear about the lack of communication with some trades that you've attempted to contact - were these trades members of Checkatrade?

    What time of work are you looking to get quoted and what area are you in please?

    Kindest regards,
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    Hi @Simm Electrical

    Absolutely love that one - and completely agree. Everyone works differently so the ability to adapt for your customer is a brilliant skill to have and master!
    Working with trades myself for the last 6/7 years has made me realise just how different everyone communicates, promotes, markets and even runs their businesses.

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    Never employ family
    long story I will cut it down price agreed then went up by £1500
    for extras no notification for carpentry work by the roofer
    I had three carpenters on site doing first fix with a flat roof on the top
    then the threats intimidation shout and screaming down the phone etc
    reasult paid but cut them out of my life for good the sad thing was all the people who turned against me without hearing two sides to a story and the facts
    and still had a brick through the window after payment when money is concerned even family can be very nasty

    so beware employing relations