What are the checks I need to look out for when buying my first property

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    Think I’ve got old tin of magnolia paint and some woodchip wallpaper I can donate 👍😄
  • Lauren's Avatar
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    @Sean woodchip wallpaper hahaha - I'm going to politely decline 🤣 I've helped friends remove that before on their walls and MY my my that stuff sticks!

    Thank you @Chris11 I've put my offer in and I'm just waiting to hear back 🤞😅

    Sadly I do not get any of the benefits that a first-time buyer would since I went on the mortgage when I was younger to help my mum purchase a property so I will have to still pay stamp duty whatever the costs and no Gov help but, its fingers crossed won't be too much!

    The lease is around 111 years too which I've been told isn't that bad, anything less than 100 then it's worth looking elsewhere.

    I'm taking lots of advice, still looking around and viewing others and to not get my heart set on it.

    Is it true once you move in when updating all cosmetic stuff to start top to bottom? Such as get the painting done first, then new bathroom suites and leave the flooring till last or does it not matter?

    Kindest regards,
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    Has anyone heard of a section 20 before?

    It seems like management companies of flats are doing everything they can to get large sum amount of money before a new law that it ground rent cannot be increased- I think it's ground rent, or maintenance.

    One place I was going to look at (before I knew about the section 20) was after owners paying £8k ... that worked out about 600 a month, meaning that, on top of mortgage = bill's being double the amount 😅

    It's ever so hard
  • S4G Drone Services's Avatar
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    Good luck with your purchase Lauren!

    Although you are buying a flat in a 'block' check your responsibility/liability for roof repairs (often shared amongst the lease/freeholders). I'd suggest having a check of the roof but being so new (2009) it is unlikely to have many issues I'd suggest - happy to do an inspection if needed.
    @ToolTalk1 and the other comments above have covered all the other points I would have thought of.
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    @Lauren I think Mark has made a good point there (alongside all of the others) when it comes to liability or if it is shared, definitely a good idea and then you know what to expect should something happen.

    From being around people who have purchased properties, my advice would be to pay that little bit more for a decent survey to pick things up. Not that the lesser ones are not as good, but paying a bit more means that you have the reassurance that everything will be covered 👍

    I will be making a mental note of these comments for my future too!
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    Gas safety check and boiler service, electrical
    ​​​​​​​report and service charges!