What are the checks I need to look out for when buying my first property

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to buy my first ever property on my own - I'm not too sure what are the things I should be looking for when viewing places. Is there a checklist I should be ticking or referring to?

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    Vertical cracks door frames not square windows lower one end not level floors not level with bottom of skirting boards
    signs of subsidence
    rotton fascia cracks through exterior brickwork subsidence ?
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    Hi Lauren, my first concern would be how much are the communal costs in maintaining the flats and what happens if a major repair is needed,like a new roof ect… if the flat is quite new then you shouldn’t have to much to worry about as long as the builder was a reputable company and a member of checkatrade 😆
    ​​​​​​​regards Sean
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    Also if older property state of electrics
    plumbing boiler etc all things to consider
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    If you're looking at flats, check the length of the lease and whether you would have a share of the freehold. Exciting time, good luck!
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    Firstly congratulations on the news!
    How exciting for you. My advice is to make as you say a “Check- List”

    1. Length of lease
    2. Maintenance costs (find out everything your supposed to contribute too) including who carries out the repairs!
    check them out! Beforehand.
    3. Are there any outstanding warranties that transfer to the new owner
    4. Is there a chip in community pot (a secure direct debit bank account that everyone contributes too (often run by an independent legal representative)
    5. When was the last boiler service
    6. Has the electrics got a recent certificate
    7. Is it In a good state of repair
    8. Do the doors all easily close & latch
    9. Are there any cracks
    10. Shower & bath for sealant failure
    11. Parking allocation
    12. Council Tax cost
    13. Parking permit? Costs
    14. Is this property on a water meter
    15. Fixed rate mortgage a must
    16. Mortgage insurance
    17. Security check doors & windows
    budget to replace door locks

    18. Fire proof cladding ?

    Have moving in Party for community members (cheeky)
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    Thank you Jason @Ajw 😊😊😊 It's in a block of flats just to give a little more context if that changes anything.
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    Good point service charges can increase year on year
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    Morning @Sean & @Ajw
    Ah yes, so the one I am viewing next doesn't have a lift in there so, the maintenance is relatively low and it was built in 2009. Haha, I hope it was by a Checkatrade builder!

    There are currently tenants in for the next two months but I know the process is always a super long one anyway. I also am not in a chain which I hear is more desirable for the seller.

    What on earth is carpet in the bathrooms about by the way?
    This is all very helpful thank you!
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    Carpets in the bathroom are as bad as carpets in the kitchen 😆. @Lauren if it’s your first mortgage then you should get some good first time buyer deals,might even get a good deal on a new build if there’s any nearby.