Leak Above Window

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    I have noticed a leak above my window.

    Water is dripping through from the trickle vent above the window on the inside, on to my window sill (closing the trickle vent doesn’t stop this - it looks like water is dripping through the bit where the trickle vent meets the window frame like there is a gap there/it’s not sealed properly?). I’ve attached a pic and circled where the dripping was coming from.

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    A damp patch has also appeared directly above the window and on the ceiling (see pic).

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    Historically there was a damp patch above the window (this was treated 1.5 years ago and doesn’t appear to have got any worse).

    The rendering on the exterior wall was previously cracked and repaired in 2020. External
    photo below.

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    ​​​​​​​Please could someone recommend who I call?

    I am based in Surrey if anyone is local and able to help!


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    @Bethan Conroy
    i would investigate in the following order
    1. Roof tile/Slate
    2. Blocked gutting or down pipe
    3. Leaking gutter joint
    4. Over flow pipe from water tank in loft

    ​​​​​​​pictures of the exterior view would be helpful
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    Hi Beth @Bethan Conroy
    - thank you for posting. I can see you are still awaiting answers from the experts so I've added a couple more tags I hope you don't mind.

    This should create a notification for other trades in hope to have this answered very soon for you,

    Kindest regards,
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    Hi Beth,
    if you could post some pictures that would be very helpful. Sounds like there’s an issue with the rendering but it could also be a roofing problem or leaking gutters nearby?
    I would advise contacting a small builder to take a look.
    hope this helps
    ​​​​​​​Regards Sean
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    Hi if you want to contact me staybrite roofing
    I my be able to help
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    Thank you! I’ve updated the description of the problem and added pictures. Just noticed a new damp patch above the blind which wasn’t there last week.
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    @Sean & @staybright cleaning please see Beth's new messages and images,
    Kindest regards,
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    Thank you! I’ve added an external
    photo to my initial post.

    As there is a parapet wall, I don’t think there is any guttering? The roofs on the houses either side of me (without a parapet wall have gutters).

    My water tank is downstairs, the loft has nothing in it except insulation.

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question but how would I investigate the roof? @ToolTalk1


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    @Bethan Conroy
    Happy new Year Bethan.

    Thank you for the additional picture.
    this is incredibly helpful……
    I would recommend that this is where you focus.

    it’s possible that the area behind the Parapet is completely full of leave’s & debris which is in tern stopping the rain water from draining away.

    or the lead work Trough is leaking

    or the UPVC trim above the windows
    is tilting back to the window,
    ​​​​​​​rather than away - and or silicone sealant is failing

    A few options:

    1. Ask a local checkatrade member (roofer)
    to provide an estimate/report on the condition of the roof as it joins the parapet
    (this is nearly always lead)
    this estimate should include a smart phone video so you can see what is required.

    2. Ask for a checkatrade Drone expert to provide a estimate of cost to investigate the issue using a drone.

    3. Ask a gutter expert (who may have video capturing equipment)

    When choosing who is suitable follow my top tips!

    1. Must be local
    2. Must have a good variation of positive feedback
    3. Get a feeling of how each selected member runs their Buisines
    4. Look for lots of positive feedback comments from existing clients
    5. Look for key word like, trustworthy -honest - nothing was too much trouble
    went the xtra mile

    Best of luck

    keep me updated on progress
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