Flooring Vinyl click 10mm?

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    Good morning.
    I would like to replace my kitchen floor with a vinyl click (LVT) product. The trouble is I cannot figure out how to do this as the existing floor is 10 mm thick, an 8 mm laminate with a 2 mm underlay.
    I want to replace this with the waterproof vinyl click/ LVT flooring type but cannot find a way of figuring out how to replace with the same thickness. I want to keep it the same so I can keep cabinets, worktops, tiling etc all at the same height and do not want to have to move it all again. The complete floor must be replaced as the old one has become water damaged so it must go under the cabinets to the wall.
    The thickest LVT I can find is 6.5 mm thick, but its so rigid the supplier states use with no underlay so that's a no go. I have even considered laying a new laminate and then a glue down 2 mm vinyl board on-top, but again with underlay it comes out way over 10 mm.
    Am i missing an expert trade trick here? Is the answer to board out the kitchen with a 6 mm marine ply and use a 4 mm LVT? I am struggling to find the answer online so any help is very much needed and appreciated.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hello David,

    Thanks for getting in touch, are you able to tell if the subfloor is wooden/chipboard or concrete? If it’s a wooden type subfloor you can indeed plywood the floor with either a 4mm or 6mm sheet. Should it be concrete we would recommend a self levelling latex screed be applied to build the height up. Can I ask where about you are based?
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    Hello David,

    The best way to resolve this would be to remove all existing flooring. If concrete sub-floor then prime and self-level upto 6mm then once dry fit your waterproof LVT. If the sub-floor is timber then I would recommend Hanson SP101 Plyboard. This is specific for LVT due to its construction. Ensure all screws are sunk beneath the top of the Plyboard and apply a compound to all joints and screw heads. This will provide a sound surface for your LVT. The thickness would be around 5.5mm for the Plyboard so sitting almost at the same height as your previous flooring.
    hope this helps.
    Chris @ MAHL Interiors
    Property Renovators and Flooring Specialists.
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    Having read all the replies they are all giving sound advice.
    That is what I would have suggested 6mm ply or build up with latex screed so your height levels are correct.
    I am based Sutton Coldfield B75 6DZ
    ​​​​​​​BRF Carpets and Flooring Limited
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