Rough cost to repair leak at boiler

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    I recently moved in to a new home and one of the first things I had to do was bleed lots of air out of radiators and top up the central heating system as the pressure was very low (<0.8 bar). I didn't think much of it at the time, thinking that because the boiler is in a hard to reach place and the previous owners were elderly, that the issue had gone unnoticed over a long time.

    However, since topping up the pressure has dropped again (over the course of 10 days). I've noticed a small drip at the bottom of the boiler, near to where the cold water supply connects. Presumably this is the root of the issue...I've not found any other leaks.

    Can anyone give a rough idea of what this might cost to repair? It's quite an old boiler (~2005...2010?) so unless it's a relatively simple and cheap fix I fear it's may be more economical to replace the boiler entirely.

    Photo of the leak is attached. Boiler is a Worcester Bosch 35CDi II combi.

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    That’s the divertor section on a Worcester CDi. To be honest, replacing that part, a lot of other components need to come out to gain access. Given the age and likely water quality, it can be a struggle getting the new one to go in without multiple leaks etc. The divertor valve can be replaced but I’d say you’re better off looking at replacing the boiler rather than someone charging to attempt a replacement and then having to pay for a new boiler because it won’t go in.
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    Thanks for the honest assessment, given the age of the system not entirely unexpected. I've started looking at replacement boiler costs - I knew it was going to need replaced sooner rather than later, but not something I was expecting to be looking in to within the first month of moving in!

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    Unfortunately it’s not uncommon! A lot of people when selling a house live with the faults! If you’re based in South London/Surrey feel free to give us a call for a free quote.
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    I'm up in Scotland, but thanks anyway