Damp on the kitchen Wall - need urgent guidance

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    Hi everyone

    a new home owner and facing an issue of damp wall in Kitchen - it has been a month and it is increasing. Did some google and it said that it can be due to condensation or pipe leakage.

    We have been keeping kitchen window open for 30 mins every night to ensure fresh air comes into the kitchen.

    Please find attached the pictures to get a detailed view - the pictures are
    1. Close view of the damp
    2. Far view of the damp
    3. Exterior Wall
    4. Ceiling view

    Please can you guide me as what should be my next step and which Trade needs to get involved to fix the issue.


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    on closer investigation i note that the damp is wider as it goes down the wall
    i would do the following:

    1. check there are no water pipes internally behind the kitchen wall cabinet.
    inside the wall.
    i see a fixing in line with the damp

    2. Exterior: the waste pipe needs additional brackets!
    3. The water hopper is showing water marks as it joins down pipe
    4. Where does the hopper waste water go?
    it looks like its going onto the flat roof?
    5. Check the flat roof flashing
    6. check hopper is not blocked install a bigger 1
    7. Run sink taps and bath and go outside to watch to see where the water goes etc
    8. Flat roof may be shot
    9. Gutter end cap may be leaking (as it butts up to wall
    10. Go outside and check gutters when it’s pouring of rain!
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    ​​​​​​​it may be from the outside pipe! I could come see what it's about and help you! My phone number 07585892389
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    Thank you ToolTalk1 for your guidance. Let me follow the suggested guidelines.