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    Hey everyone,

    Welcome back and Happy New Year! ✨

    I wanted to start this year by creating a post off the back of recent research to help you be set up for success as a member.

    Below, I've shared 3 things you need to do with your membership that influence the number of leads you get from potential customers. It's the old adage the more you do and put into your membership, the more you'll get out of it.

    1. The top and most important factor - as you can imagine, is consistent Reviews!
    - Are you using the remind your customer tool if the customers has not left you a review right away?
    - Attach a link to your online reviews form to quotes and invoices
    - Always mention that you'd appreciate and require a review at the first contact stage (this shows the consumer you're confident in your quality of work too)

    2.Logging into the Members Area - Click here to log in
    - Log in regularly! There are always lots of new messages, new partnerships to save you money, reminders, and much more
    - The Members Area is where you can update your profile and add new images of your work

    3. Having photos📸 - I know that I would be more inclined to contact a trade with photos over someone who doesn't
    - Share before and afters of your work so they can really see the transformations - Check out this post with some easy useful tips
    - Blog: Showcasing your best work: Using photos to create a positive brand image

    Have you made any positive changes to your profile recently and you've noticed a difference in activity? If so, please share below 👇

    Kindest regards,
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    Hey @Lauren - thanks for this post!

    Has anyone used any of the above yet and has any success stories that they can share? 😊
    Let's get started! Create a new post 👉here!👈
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